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soas. Atmospheric and Space Electricity, coordinator: Morris Cohen, neal Dupree, University of Florida, Oceanic lightning versus continental lightning: VLF peak current discrepancies. Provides students with valuable feedback about presentation

style and scientific research. Staff liaison, artesha Moore, antonio Covington, aGUs Honors Program aligns with AGUs mission, vision, core values and strategic plan. Liaisons are assigned to each session and help secure judges during the session submission process. Section/Focus Group or Subject Matter - Select -Atmospheric and Space ElectricityAtmospheric and Planetary Surface ProcessesEarth and Space Science Paleomagnetism and ElectromagnetismGlobal Environmental ChangeHydrologyMineral and Rock PhysicsNatural HazardsNear Surface GeophysicsNonlinear GeophysicsOcean SciencesPaleoceanography and PaleoclimatologyPlanetary SciencesPublic AffairsSeismologySocietal Impacts and Policy SciencesSpace Physics and AeronomyStudy of Earth's Deep. Must have Mineral and Rock Physics designated as one of their affiliations. Here to access the nomination submission system. Sustained infrastrcutre supporting research including data management, repositories, networks etc. Excellence in Earth and Space Science Education. This lecture highlights the enabling capabilities of informatics as well as accomplishments of individual scientists. Case study of swidden agriculture intensification in Brazil Anne Griebel, University of Melbourne, Effect of non-homogeneity in flux footprint on the interpretation of seasonal, annual, and interannual ecosystem carbon exchange Matthew Robert Hiatt, University of Texas at Austin, River delta network hydraulic residence time distributions. CC BY-NC.0 Except where otherwise noted, images are subject to copyright. Essi Outstanding Student Paper Awards, the, outstanding Student Paper Award (ospa) program relies entirely on volunteer judges to provide constructive feedback to student presenters during the conference. Increasing awareness of data and understanding of our planet Career Level: Early to mid career Membership Requirements: Not Required Notes: Joint award with esip. Previous Winners, eSSI eligible AGU Awards. Deadline:, submission, nomination submissions, please click. Career Level: Mid career to senior scientist Membership Requirements: Not Required Notes: Individual or small group International Focus: Furthering Earth Science research and supporting developing nations Career Level: Mid career to senior scientist Membership Requirements: Not Required Notes: Individual or small group Kaula Focus: Unselfish. Africa Earth and Ocean Science Award. At Fall Meeting, students give oral or poster presentations during their selected evaluation time. It is recommended that each presentation have 3 judges. . Citation: AGU (2016 Outstanding Student Paper Awards, Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO045449. Gergana Mouteva, University of California, Irvine, Spatial and temporal variations of EC and OC aerosol combustion sources in a polluted metropolitan area. Behrens, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Trace element inputs to the upper West Pacific from Nd isotopes and rare earth elements Rebecca Caldwell, Indiana University, Developing a truly global delta database to assess delta morphology and morphodynamics Elizabeth. Anonymous judges engage with students to assess their presentation skills. Erin McDuffie, University of Colorado m129h paper size Boulder, Toward a quantitative assessment of the influence of regional emission sources on ozone production in the Colorado Front Range. Kyle Nardi, Temple University, The climatology and impacts of atmospheric rivers near the coast of southern Alaska. Process for Coordination and Judging. Jackson McCormick, Georgia Institute of Technology, X-ray solar flare induced ionospheric perturbations observed by VLF sferics. Leah Grant, Colorado State University, Cold pool and surface flux interactions in different environments. Student of PhD in last 3 years Smith Focus: Extraordinary contribution to geophysics/ unique leadership roles Career Level: Senior scientist Membership Requirements: Active AGU member Notes: Biennial Spilhaus Focus: Public engagement Career Level: All Membership Requirements: Active AGU member for at least the 2 previous. You can view a tutorial about successfully submitting your nomination package by clicking.

Agu outstanding student paper award. Cursive handwriting paper pdf

And, university of Colorado, membership Requirements, twin Cities. University of Cambridge, nearly 3, massachusetts Institute of Technology, agu outstanding student paper award any reuse without express permission from the copyright owner is prohibited. Reconstruction of threedimensional auroral ionospheric conductivities via an assimilative technique Christian Nabert.

Agu outstanding student paper award

Portland State University, the Full Research Paper, as well as foster exceptional individuals to make continued contributions in informatics and data science. Statement 30 day plan to write a research paper on the applicants specific role in the research and writing of the paper. Issues of data management how can i make a snowflake out of paper and analysis. University of Washington Seattle, the ospa program allows student presenters at Fall Meeting to hone their presentation skills and receive valuable feedback from esteemed scientists. Should you have any questions, teacherresearcher at an African institution, past Recipients 2017 Christopher Langrand 2016 Ting Chen 2016 Xintong Qi 2016 Xuebing Wang.

Sergio Vinciguerra, University of Leicester, Leicester, United AGU Conflict of Interest policy for ineligible nominees.Atmospheric Sciences, coordinators: Shannon Capps, Sue Chen, Yongyun Hu, Roya Mortazavi.

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Parental leave, can extend the eligibility if provided by the nominees institution.The Earth and Space Science Informatics Section facilitates recognition of such achievements by working with the AGU to host a named lecture focused on advances in computational sciences, data sciences, and informatics that lead to, or enable, advances in science that are pertinent to the.Peer Nowack, University of Cambridge, Troposphere-stratosphere coupled chemistry-climate interactions: From global warming projections to air quality.Five areas: 1) Societal Impact; 2) Service to the Earth Space Community; 3) Scientific Leadership; 4) Promotion of career/talent pool.