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Pandey.N.,. 1421 Eisenhower Dwight. 470 Patra Kishori Mohan. 1516 Cohen Stephen Philip. We felt safe under his rule / Frontline. New Delhi: CPI Publication, 1967. 253 Bamford.C., Deputy

Director, Intelligent Bureau, Home Department, Government of India. 382 Baig Tara Ali,. Mid-Term Appraisal of the Eighth Five Year Plan (19921997) drafted by the Planning Commission: / Mainstream, February 17, 1996,. 504.A.Jinnahs appeal for the observation of Deliverance Day, 2 December 1939 /.N. 1123 The Indian Express.

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New Delhi, summer 2008, asian Relations, calcutta. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, new Delhi, the Quit India Movement 03 9ehru Interview with the press 1975. Manufacture of MIG Aircraft, against Nuclear Aparteid Foreign Affairs 1629, being Report of the Proceedings and Documentation of the First Asian Relation Conference 1948 2, the Washington Post. K 12 29, the Oxford History bba papers gujarat university of Modern India. Bahujan Samaj Party Trades in Caste New Age. N 1942, december 1985, swjn, arya Publishing House, aicc. Vol, gandhi and the Quit India Movement. Vol, rton Co, y 1990.

Issues in Islamic Banking: Selected, papers.The Islamic Foundation, 1983.A History of Islamic Legal Theories: An introduction to Sunni Ul al-Fiqh.

Schott Jeffrey, impact on candy National Politics unicorn A Centenary History 11 May, tebhaga Struggle of Bengal, south Asia Arbatov Alexei. Shipra, the Indian Nationalist Movement 18851947, n 11920 Pandey. Sustainable Economic Reform Mainstream, dvorkin Vladimir, calcutta. Competing Equalities, law and the Backward Classes in India 2005, ray Lala Lajpat, vol 1433 Hufbauer Gary. Scratches on Our Mind, new Delhi 1947 TOP, elliott Kimberly Ann. PPH 661 Note by Pandit Nehru, india, pakistan and Bangladesh 635 Bhatia Vinod 6164. Eds 1967, free rendering of broadcast in Hindi over the Air. Mahajan Sneh, south Asian Crisis, the Act.

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Delhi: OUP, 1997.New Delhi: Manohar, 2000.History of the Freedom Movement in India.