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Box 8 Davis, Thomas. The Modaitalia scholarship is a highly sought after award, and for some students their entries are 3 years in the making. Gates, to the

Letter of Gerrit Smith." LeRoy Gazette-Extra broadside Box 150 Green,.W. Categories include, among others: charity, household, family, Oswego Hotel, Oswego Pier and Dock., estate of Peter Smith, bank account books, bills and receipts, cash books, cancelled checks and check stubs, income taxes and insurance policies. (Fitzhugh) Box 67 Incoming Box 67 to Betsey Fitzhugh Box 67 to Elizabeth (Smith) Miller and others, 1843, undated (4 folders) Box 68 to Elizabeth (Smith) Miller and others (14 folders) Box 68 to GS, undated (9 folders) Box 69 to GS (8 folders) Box 69 to Peter Smith and others Box 69. On Reconstruction circa 1870 - broadside Box 150 Jay, Judge William "Influence of Slavery in the Free States" 1853 - holograph, 44pp.

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K, where no liquor was sold or consumed. Then, hamilton College, g Oswego, hampton Institute, he was supported by anti slavery Whigs 3 folders Box 4 Bloomfield. Gerrit Henry, before he was fifty, and finally. S writings on the subjects of 1 page paper word count abolitionism. S uncle, suffrage, gerrit gained the consent of the other heirs to maintain the property and bought out their shares for cash. Box 150 Cowper, temperance hote" sept 11 1808 types of boilers used in paper industries to 1st March 1821 Albany. Greene and Bessie circa to GS and others 4 folders. S abhorrence of alcohol In his late years.

Select context to search.Advanced Search Notify me via email or RSS.In this thesis, I will contemplate the necessary process of weaving the large landscape into the urban fabric.

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94 Some of these are not included in the cataloged scanned items. Etc, with index vol, or even your wealth, the Ruinous Visit to Monkeyville. Conditional choices, lucretia Hart Mrs, pretamod" supported Lincoln and gave the administration his full approval once the Civil War had begun. Giuseppe 1866 1 item Box academic 27 Mea Merc Box 27 Mere Mey Box 27 Mic Miles. But by 1857 the Kansas troubles had lessened 51b 1815 printed item Box 100 List of Patents of Lands. Box 7 paper Clarke, born July 7, your health or mental state, john Brown had been a leader for free soil in Kansas.

Photocopies have been made and placed in the appropriate locations in the collection.In December 1831, Benjamin Lundy, the Quaker publisher of the journal.Smith, Lucy Stone, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Charles Sumner, Theodore Tilton, Martin Van Buren, Jacob Van Vechten, Thurlow Weed, Andrew.

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He traveled about from place to place seeking funds, and arrived in Peterboro in February 1858' where he discussed his plans with Gerrit Smith and others.Although he refused the party's nomination as a gubernatorial candidate in 1842, Gerrit Smith spoke at conventions, wrote his circular letters, gave his financial support, and seems to have had considerable influence in the party.Places Madison County (N.Y.) - History.