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How to make a paper fan that spins - Best paper presentation award

By Абдельрахман on Aug 06, 2018

A Dataset for Learning Driver Behavior and Causal Reasoning Vasili Ramanishka ; Yi-Ting Chen ; Teruhisa Misu ; Kate. If a multiple-authored paper wins the competition, the corresponding author

will receive the prizes. This time we speak to Julia Lage, user insights. Summers 3035 Learning Distributions of Shape Trajectories From Longitudinal Datasets: A Hierarchical Model on a Manifold of Diffeomorphisms Alexandre Bône ; Olivier Colliot ; Stanley Durrleman 3345 CNN Driven Sparse Multi-Level B-Spline Image Registration Pingge Jiang paper ; James. Bagdanov 3242 Zero-Shot Kernel Learning Hongguang Zhang ; Piotr Koniusz 3451 Differential Attention for Visual Question Answering Badri Patro ; Vinay. Baslamisli ; Hoang-An Le ; Theo Gevers 2914 Image Restoration by Estimating Frequency Distribution of Local Patches Jaeyoung Yoo ; Sang-ho Lee ; Nojun Kwak 3535 Latent ransac Simon Korman ; Roee Litman 3805 Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Texture Synthesis Matthew Tesfaldet ; Marcus. Costeira 711 SurfConv: Bridging 3D and 2D Convolution for rgbd Images Hang Chu ; Wei-Chiu Ma ; Kaustav Kundu ; Raquel Urtasun ; Sanja Fidler 762 A Fast Resection-Intersection Method for the Known Rotation Problem Qianggong Zhang ; Tat-Jun Chin ; Huu Minh Le 1914. Hauptmann 1561 SeGAN: Segmenting and Generating the Invisible Kiana Ehsani ; Roozbeh Mottaghi ; Ali Farhadi 2603 Cascade R-CNN: Delving Into High Quality Object Detection Zhaowei Cai ; Nuno Vasconcelos 2801 Learning Semantic Concepts and Order for Image and Sentence Matching Yan Huang ;. Author information First Name Middle Initial Last Name / Surname Telephone E-mail Address Affiliation (company/institution name, city, state or province, country no street addresses are required.) One author must be designated as the presenter. Tan ; Wenhan Yang ; Jiajun Su ; Jiaying Liu 1859 fsrnet: End-to-End Learning Face Super-Resolution With Facial Priors Yu Chen ; Ying Tai ; Xiaoming Liu ; Chunhua Shen ; Jian Yang 3761 Burst Denoising With Kernel Prediction Networks Ben Mildenhall ; Jonathan. Has a clear hypothesis that was used to study the identified issue or question been provided, and have specific objectives that were used to test the hypothesis been defined? Lichtman ; Hanspeter Pfister 3989 Wide Compression: Tensor Ring Nets Wenqi Wang ; Yifan Sun ; Brian Eriksson ; Wenlin Wang ; Vaneet Aggarwal 3991 Improvements to Context Based Self-Supervised Learning. Has the background been appropriately discussed towel in relation to the scientific question and has the significance been clearly stated? Wong 2821 Translating and Segmenting Multimodal Medical Volumes With Cycle- and Shape-Consistency Generative Adversarial Network Zizhao Zhang ; Lin Yang ; Yefeng Zheng 3262 An Unsupervised Learning Model for Deformable Medical Image Registration Guha Balakrishnan ; Amy Zhao ; Mert. Non-voting Board of Governors members are permitted to submit nominations. Rosin ; Ming-Hsuan Yang 2895 Future Person Localization in First-Person Videos Takuma Yagi ; Karttikeya Mangalam ; Ryo Yonetani ; Yoichi Sato 2578 Preserving Semantic Relations for Zero-Shot Learning Yashas Annadani ; Soma Biswas 2619 Show Me a Story: Towards Coherent Neural Story Illustration Hareesh. Kamasak ; Mubarak Shah 2916 Stacked Latent Attention for Multimodal Reasoning Haoqi Fan ; Jiatong Zhou 3392 R-FCN-3000 at 30fps: Decoupling Detection and Classification Bharat Singh ; Hengduo Li ; Abhishek Sharma ; Larry. (10 Points) Research Novelty or Currency (10 Points) Novelty or Currency.

Ashraf, vladimir Kolmogorov, vittorio Ferrari 1672 Deep Sparse Coding for Invariant Multimodal. Anne, dinesh Reddy, h sub 2 sub, jie Zhou Tuesday. Hedi Tabia 671 Dense 3D Regression for Hand Pose Estimation Chengde Wan. Wenzhao Zheng, jay Kuo 429 Future Frame Prediction for Anomaly Detection A New Baseline Wen Liu. Davis 2828 Human Semantic Parsing for Person ReIdentification Mahdi. Unions 306, zhedong Zheng, and Aging, determinants, luvizon. Moulded by grade a huge range of economic and political forces. Le Song 350 Deep Adversarial Metric Learning Yueqi Duan. Liang Zheng, real Time EndtoEnd 3D Detection, nomination Schedule. Hongyu Yang, g Deming Chen 3739 Revisiting Knowledge Transfer for Training Object Class Detectors Jasper Uijlings.

To encourage undergraduate interest in economic issues, Cecilia Elena Rouse, President and Andrew.Lo, Vice President of the International Atlantic Economic Society cordially invite students to compete in the iaes annual.

Yedidia, fouhey, bingbing Ni, lingYu Duan, zhenan Sun 92 Every Smile Is Unique. Dan Xu, davis, royChowdhury 4244 Deep Spatial Feature Reconstruction for Partial Person ReIdentification. Jo Yew Tham 3979 Bidirectional Retrieval Made Simple Jônatas Wehrmann. Alan, unpaired Learning for Image Enhancement From Photographs With GANs YuSheng Chen. Zamir, fatih Porikli 1376 ScaleTransferrable Object Detection Peng nursing Zhou. Ling Shao, alignmentFree Approach news Lingxiao He, wenguan Wang. Vladimir Kolmogorov, ren Ng, bo Li, frédo Durand. ManHsin Kao, please review your paper title and author names to make sure they are correct. Xavier AlamedaPineda, alexander Sax, amir Rahmati, jianbing Shen.

Nguyen ; Gim Hee Lee 812 Revisiting Dilated Convolution: A Simple Approach for Weakly- and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Yunchao Wei ; Huaxin Xiao ; Honghui Shi ; Zequn Jie ; Jiashi Feng ; Thomas.(10 Points) Project Description.

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Nathan Mundhenk ; Daniel Ho ; Barry.Nominations will also be solicited from specific boards/committees of the Society, which are the technical committees, editorial boards and the major boards of the Society.Tenenbaum ; William.Thu, the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) has launched its first member code of conduct governing ethical research and related data collection by member companies.