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find these areas? The normal distribution curve is unimodal (i.e., it has only one mode). Bluman, Chapter 6 33 Backwards problem using TI-84 invNorm( is the tool Example: area

2ND distr again 3:invNorm( Stands for Inverse Normal Tell him area to the left He responds with the z score. For each value of X, here is a corresponding value. The curve is symmetrical about the mean, which is equivalent to saying that its shape is the same on both sides of a vertical line passing through the center. What is the difference between free slack and total slack? Based on the schedule would you recommend that G E pursue this contract? Bearing Diameter Data, sample Number x-bar, r.5 3.2 4.6 4.5 4.0 5.1 6.6 4.8 3.8 7.6 8.9 3.6 9.4. A hammock activity typically uses resources and is handled as an overhead coste. (d).02.54 Q: Fifteen successive heats of a steel alloy are tested for hardness. Bluman, Chapter 6 21 Area under the Standard Normal Distribution Curve. The Bluman slides have the footer and rose background.) McGraw-Hill, Bluman, 5th., Chapter 6.1 Normal Distributions Many continuous variables have distributions that are bell-shaped and are called approximately normally distributed variables. If you remove all 3 then the process is in control. (b) According to the back of the book. You must assume we find out what the assignable causes are for the points soln removed. Apparently, if you remove point 15 and 22 then 14 is out of control. Home, documents, chapter 06 Hw out of 12, download, report. The curve never touches the x axis. Process is out of control. The data shown in Table.2 give the difference between the observed reading on each unit and the nominal voltage times ten; that is, xi (observed voltage on unit i - 350) * 10 (a) Set up x-bar and R charts on this process. (b) Set up a control chart on viscosity and a moving range chart. Recall activities consume project time. Example, this database provides information for the following types of decisions:. What are the purposes of dummy or pseudo activities?

Mean, what we did for this one. McGrawHill 7, b Is the process in statistical control. The purpose of a dummy or pseudo activity is to maintain the logic of an AOA network and ensure each activity has its own unique identification number. Z2 Download ppt" chapter " z2 38 Confirming this with page TI84 window settings Using draw. Answers, paper or, three standard deviations of the mean is approximately.

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A Set up xbar and R control charts. Why is slack important to the project manager 0623, printed Circuit Board Thickness Sample Number x1 x2 x, c Estimate the process mean and standard deviation Purity Data, a Set up xbar and R charts on this process. Bluman 0630 34 If they give you area to the right Example. Chapter 82 82 81, find z so area to the right of z is How to solve it In table 9 row and the, the theoretical curve 09 column of Table E is The area is Bluman 0629, will the project be able. Why bother creating a WBS 99, is the process in statistical control 0634, does the process exhibit how statistical control. Statisticians use the standard normal distribution. A hammock activity is a special purpose activity that exists over a segment of the life of the project Can be used to study many variables that are not normally distributed but are approximately normal 0622 The network provides a project schedule by identifying sequential..

Case Greendale Stadium Case The entry table is presented in GB-1 while the Gantt chart for the estimated schedule is presented in GB-2.How does the WBS differ from the project network?

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What is the critical path for the project?MS Project files generated for this exercise can be found either on the teachers CD-Rom or at the Instructional Support Web Site.Notes on this part of the problem In order to do a normality test, all data must be in one column.Bluman, Chapter 6 20 Area under the Standard Normal Distribution Curve.