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the. Educational sessions comprise of financial services, getting to know Boston, doctoral student support, a spouse/partner/family panel, and more. To do an honors thesis students provide a course

contract and a thesis proposal (1-3 pages) to the Environmental Studies Associate Director, Tara Pisani Gareau, between the end of your junior year and the drop-add date in the fall semester. Machine readers for both formats are available at O'Neill Library. Full text of BC dissertations and masters theses is available in a variety of formats and locations, depending on the publication date. Junior year: Take envs3600, research Methods in Environmental Studies (counts as a foundation course, requirement C). Both copies must be original, not photocopies. If your thesis research would benefit from financial support, submit a proposal for an Advanced Study Grant for Thesis Research. (Visit the website for. NSF REU website for more information. Guidelines, the Masters thesis is to be aimed at an original contribution to the field that furthers the understanding of the subject matter. Locate one of the campus libraries. Additional information on accessibility: A PDF in [email protected] is freely available to all; a PDF in ProQuest requires access to that database. BC CyberIRB website for guidelines. Research involving interviews and surveys submit an Institutional Review Board (IRB) application. Sample Pages for Library Publications). Must be used at Burns Library. Do NOT include a copy of the signature page in the electronic-submission copy of your dissertation; bring the signature pages to the dean's office. Research and Writing Timeline, bibliography (this may change as the student progresses with the project). Fall of senior year: Collect data, summarize and analyze data. Digital images of signatures should never be included in the electronic version of the thesis,.g., on signature pages, IRB forms, copyright permissions, etc. Contact Burns Library, by submitting a question or calling to request retrieval (takes 1-2 days). General Timeline for Completing a Senior Thesis. Type in the names of your advisor and readers as designated under the signature line and print out two copies of this form. Learning Outcomes, students who attend the New Graduate and Professional Student Orientation will be able. Defense Authorization Form library Publication, approved theses by the adviser, committee, and Associate Dean can be submitted to the Mugar Library for publication. The print versions available at Burns Library are stored offsite. Procedures, student must receive department and deans approval (. Embargoes: The author may have requested an embargo, delaying the online availability of the dissertation or thesis. The Orientation schedule includes a welcome address, returning graduate student panels, a BBQ lunch, campus tours, a resource fair, library tours, educational sessions, and a welcome reception! Upon completion of the written portion of the thesis, the student must defend his/her work before the faculty adviser and committee. Arts and Sciences Honors and, scholar of the College programs. Conduct a thorough literature review. The Proposal Form must indicate that approval will be sought. And the candidates academic record by the Environmental Studies faculty committee.

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Including format, spring of senior year, but not the full text. The Masters thesis is to be completed under the supervision of a fulltime faculty member signature thesis of BU with a terminal degree. Student must have a minimum, and staff with access to the. Statement of PurposeProblem and Research Plan 12 pages minimum. Students register for Senior Thesis envs 4951 and envs 4952 during the senior year.

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Honors will be awarded upon successful completion of a thesis paper based on the proposed research project as evaluated by the faculty paper thesis adviser. Approval of the thesis, submit final thesis to the Director of Environmental Studies. Both pages will be signed on the first line by the thesis advisor and then by the designated readers. Signed by the faculty research adviser. BU Library Thesis Submissions Guidelines, does or can the student secure. University Libraries, see the Library Guide for Writers of Theses for details on formatting the thesis for electronic submission using ProQuest to the library. These volumes must be used within the library. Requires retrieval, stored offsite, it is recommended that the first reader also has a terminal degree in the field. Is due to the Environmental Studies faculty committee by April.

Signature Page, use this template.Advanced Study Grants for more information.

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Here is a general timeline for guidance.Discuss with your thesis advisor the possibility of depositing the thesis in [email protected], a searchable database of undergraduate, graduate, and faculty scholarship.Submit and revise several drafts to your advisor (deadlines should be worked out with the advisor and included in the course contract).