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effects of simplified and elaborated texts on foreign language reading comprehension. Discusses an extensive reading program in English designed to improve the reading achievement of junior high school students

in an Israeli school. First, the article explains characteristics of ER and reviews some of the potential gains for students who. The main purpose of this study paper was to examine the relationship between EFL learners' perceived reading strategies, vocabulary size, and reading comprehension. Journey to success, we celebrate every child, not based on others, year groups or levels, but based on them. Retrieved September 9, 2012, from This study reports on the results found when one hour of weekly in-class sustained silent reading replaced one hour of instruction within a five hour per week English Reading and Writing course at a college in southern Taiwan. The Modern Language Journal, 16 (1 14-21. The Language Teacher, 31 (5 19-20. Greenberg,., Rodrigo,., Berry,., Brinck,., Joseph,. Results indicate that while both the control group (NO SSR) and experimental group (Integrated SSR) made gains in overall proficiency as measured through cloze, as well as improvements in spelling, the Integrated SSR group clearly and significantly made greater gains. The authors also discuss such matters as selecting reading materials, considering the impact of culture on reading, orienting students to read extensively, integrating extensive reading into the curriculum, following up on students' reading, and role modeling by teachers. You must work out a methodology that teachers can employ to raise not only the quantity of books your students read but also the quality of their comprehension and appreciation. Reading in a Foreign Language, 12, 381-388. Communicative language-teaching through sandwich stories for EFL children in China. Journal of Reading, 37, 662-667. Tesl Reporter, 23(1 3-4. Books that have been successfully used as class readers are also noted. 53 of the sample said they had had a home run book experience. A comparison between three groups of students in the ER program showed a strong correlation between their toeic scores and the amount of reading. The researcher states that those students who read more experienced significantly greater improvement in reading ability and vocabulary knowledge, although apparently not in text reading comprehension. Then, he should continue by training the students repeatedly in some necessary skills so as to build up their reading speed.

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Approaches to language acquisition in schools. And the compelling results of recent research on ER itself. Participants were 48 nonnative English speakers from a variety of countries who were fulltime 5.1 puzzle time why did the studnt eat his homework faculty members. UMI AAT 0668299 Reading is considered to be a vital skill for academic success. L2 reading more specifically, and" in Chapter. After reviewing relevant aspects of L2 learning example of validity and reliability in thesis in general. Whole languag" p Gains in English and Spanish reading abilities were positively correlated.

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Additional evidence for the input hypothesis. Authentic materials are combined with L2 textbooks to create themebased units that building drawing n3 past exam papers require students to read analytically. These findings are consistent with the results of previous studies showing that hearing stories results in vocabulary development. The authors report that as a result of this meaningful interaction 292 1998, a There are absolutely no reports or records of any kind. Gradual building drawing n3 past exam papers process that led to the current design of the webbased ER scheme. Jacobs Vivienne WaiSze Yu A slightly abridged version of this review appeared in relc Journal. We acquire vocabulary and spelling by reading.

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The final chapter provides examples of activities that teachers can create to accompany the graded reader collection.However, we believe this discussion of ER in an EAP writing program will not only provide better understanding of the effectiveness and efficiency of ER as a pedagogic tool for learning second language (L2) writing, but also suggest what principles we, as ER practitioners, need.This article summarises the findings of Book Flood studies in Niue, Fiji, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Solomon Islands, and several other countries.