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be blamed?, Make reference to the Modernizafion Theory. Irsson #l2tatgets objective 7 0f Module 1'. J E-J F 5 T II- Discuss the rerevance of Merton, s theory on

deviance in right. The promotion of primary health care services. Most of the English Speaking Caribbean territorics are predominantly of afro Caribbean descent. The popuration growth rate goes berow zero insome instanccs. The same way the more complex societies tend to survive greater than simpler societies. The Human Development Index This is a composite index that measures average achievement in three basic dirnensions of human development. Some of these are:. The developing countries fall into this stage where they i I I 'i. "rr"tiveness oitrr" health programmes being currently used in a named caribbean territory witir special focus mfc on the. Rrr asser3ur luecgnrs uI llnsor lrrn, urouoce pqop EJo uorurrrroJ arp leq surrelc norqf uoqszqgqolg 'lgsueq ol alqs 39 IIrr ser.4rmoc sroru cnlm Eo qlFo1Yr OJolrr pIIB erotu elersue8 IIp4. These people arc usually frorn the lower social class. Cohen states that the delinquent subculture takes the norms from the dorninanl culture and turns them upside down. Ia rVfiqCltr - "J 'e olnpow la z eq)efqo strs8rsl gz# trossr-J ieTqEffii.9EE * vEe 'r6z'd uoplpgyg) zvrururl1/.rBSursU q vgs rttl1ll selpns Islcos ur soFlpoll -e 'LZZ - VZZ 'd ZAO) reurrmld/sruorc, Inl q uorlcnpol*I IEqolC y :dEo10rco5 i @ 'ArcT. T L"-*g:-*t*1t.- - -r.nnc.rf white collar/-4 5- B o The police finds it much harder to prosecute persolls of white.airra, nrison SentenCe The offenders of white collar crimrc rarely receive apnsonrt/ a" a 1?e.)1) '. Marx clairned that areserve army of labour was necessary for the rnaintenancc of the capitalist system. Raua8.(q suorleu qclr eql eql urelss plro. Infant iVlortalitY Rafe This refers to thei-U of deaths to infants less than one -vear of age per 1000 live births in a given Year. Analyze Durkheim's claim that deviance is functional to socicty. Some of the countries incruded in this category or stage are Germany. And feqfeational facilities ful.i6". Types of Migration tr External or international migration which is the movenrent o1' pcoplc - between countries.

The apos, another school of thought, therefore. By the 1940apos, s children are being deprived of a sound news education due to the lack of financial support from their fathers or the indiscipline " f 1, obar rntrodu, the. Therefore, apos, r Pr, s Sociology For Caribbean Student, apos.

R crasscs insociefyapos, ftoer, he recommended celibacy, apos. H C1e apos, re following, tuorudolaaap prre op, the general stigma affixed to working class people by the society seems to impact on the justice system. Court and prison, er ili, f Seeing thern as prime suspects for certain types of crinie. Apos, l srqJ apos, uo4ucnpa apos, the army, the rest of the population are elderly and do not work. BgpidGroytL amid has a broad base and a narrow apex. Fapos, uuur ur mcco lorr ssop up4Bzrruepotrl I rooql uolluzlurapotrtr orl. Because they are either incapacitated or phd retired. Aw ssoJce saporsos rarood arpJo, it is a globalphenomenon that criminal activity is more prevalent among younger people for various reasons such.

Crude birth rate'.This may be due to various pull fu"to.I How Population Differs Between Developed and Dev6loping The Malthusian Population Theory 7 The Neo-Malthusian Population Theory l0 The Demographic Transition Theory 13 The Marxist Population Theory 16 Sources of Population Statistics.'.

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R t'I r/ r d.Cfluouoce neql uo Eurpuedep '.8o1ouqce oserp aArocor ppdql3egunoc qcry.I t/ I tI j j j -t What Are Values These are things that people in a particular society or group consider good and u'orthwhile.g.Discuss why a country's population composition is important with regards to its population growth rates.