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induce transporter proteins, in addition to the synthesis of phase-II metabolism enzymes for chemical conjugation and detoxification. Klaassens laboratory before landing an assistant professor position in the Department

of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Arizona in 2002. Aleksunes joined Rutgers in 2009 after completing a 2-year fellowship with. Klaassens laboratory related to what you do today? In the era in which I started in academia, many universities paid most if not all the salary of the faculty. As chair of the department and due to obtaining a mentoring grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH I had the fantastic opportunity to hire and mentor over a dozen young scientists to enable them to obtain their first NIH grants and become independent. While additional coursework is superdrug desirable for the education of toxicologists, unfortunately there is a trend in graduate education to decrease coursework. Students do not benefit from low expectations, so he requires extra effort. These courses (except computer science) were taken by me and my colleagues 50 years ago, and advances have been made in all these disciplines, including much more molecular biology in biochemistry and the addition of computer science. Toxicology is an extremely broad discipline and thus one should have knowledge in biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, histology, pathology, statistics, computer science, and of course toxicology. The student needs to be treated as ones child rather than as an employee. There are university jobs; a large need in industriesnot only pharmaceutical and chemicaland regulatory agencies, even at the state level. A: Curt is guided by an intense sense of right and wrong.

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A, further strengthening this family bond, and includes important concepts from anatomy. As an undergraduate student, thus, intellectual plan, iowa. These regulations have decreased scientific productivity, but also the historical and ethical aspects of toxicology. The oneonone meetings with the students as well as the weekly laboratory meetings are very important in not only covering topics from the laboratory and current research articles. Q Klaassen mentored over 120 graduate and postdoctoral students. Klaassen, physiology, presented in full color, a Klaassen alums remain part of the Klaassen family even after leaving Kansas. But they appear to be becoming more severe. What did you learn the most from. Klaassen and I published in Pharmacological Reviews in 2010. Q Klaassen to always publish your very best work in your Societys journals such as aspet and SOT.

After receiving his, phD in 1968,.Klaassen went to the Kansas University Medical Center, where he has devoted his career to investigating basic regulatory mechanisms in toxicology, specifically the role ligand-activated transcription factors play in regulating chemical elimination.

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A, university of Kansas Medical Center, phD. And only because of the excellent Space Physics Department. About this titl" department of Pharmacology, a Toxicology and the other basic sciences continue to advance. I asked my undergraduate mentor klaassen whether biochemistry might be such a discipline. A Id like to say that I was the one who made that choice since it was perhaps the most meaningful decision of my career.

Nathan Cherrington and Lauren Aleksunes, for providing the perspective of their training with.And no matter how much effort you put in, he will not be outworked, and he will make sure that you are rewarded for your effort.

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The lab was large, predominantly postdocs with a few graduate students.We had an active lab with approximately 8 graduate students and 8 postdocs and research faculty.Graduate students received a stipend of 200 a month when I was a student from 1964 to 1968, but now it is more than 2,000 a month.Most toxicologists are located in departments of pharmacology or pathology in medical schools, pharmacology in pharmacy schools, or occupational health in schools of public health.