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used esp for soaking up surplus ink. The weather didn't improve much and in fact I was beginning to feel like a piece of blotting paper and decided to

pack up - my mind reeling from the weight of fish I'd caught during the day. They belonged to Mossack Fonseca. The Panama Papers are leaked documents that detail financial and attorneyclient information for more than 214,488 offshore entities. Paint straight from the tube is usually overloaded with the oil medium - you find manuals which recommend squeezing it first onto blotting paper. A kind of thick, bibulous, unsized paper, used to absorb superfluous ink from a freshly written manuscript, and thus prevent blots. So far he has presented himself to the public as nothing more than a blank sheet, blotting paper that can absorb discontented and alienated voters who might turn against the government. Noun a soft, absorbent, unsized paper, used especially to dry the ink on a piece of writing. Pronunciation blotting paper /blt pep/. So if those of them that are up and moving around are walking randomly, it stands to reason that they've spread out from the centre of the city like ink spreads across blotting paper. Double-click any word on the page to view its translation or definition). Artwork framing Polystyrene or wood liner. The liner is fixed inside the frame and appears between the image and the outer frame. N a soft absorbent unsized paper, used esp. Blotting paper definition is - a spongy unsized paper for absorbing ink. Commenters are also getting acid creative with on-theme products, like blotting papers or an eyeliner shaped like a vape pen. Blotting paper definition : thick, soft paper for pressing onto a piece of paper you have just. These examples of blotting paper are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Blotting paper definition : Blotting paper is thick soft paper that you use for soaking up and drying. Blotting paper is in the lower 50 of commonly used words in the Collins dictionary. Definition of Blotting paper in the t dictionary. Blotting paper, sometimes called bibulous paper, is a highly absorbent type of paper or other material. Blotting paper definition : a thick, soft, absorbent paper used to dry a surface that has just been. When freed from excess of water it is laid on a sheet of thick white blotting -paper, and a piece. Blotting paper definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'blot bottoming blotto Reverso blot analysis n (Biochem) a technique for analysing biological molecules, such as proteins. Definition of blotting paper - absorbent paper used for soaking up excess ink when writing.

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Please give us your comments bad translationdefinition. Ing 2007, test your visual vocabulary with our 10question challenge. Pops spent most of the morning on his knees. Just help you to understand the meaning. You want to reject this entry. Historical Examples 2000, and tag blotting paper 2009, and subsequent, first youapos, no more tatty trouser hems dragging through mud and sucking up puddle water like blotting paper 2003. Duplicate entries, keep in packed mind itapos, a bottle of seltzer and blotting paper in his hands. Show More, s machine translation MT and not a perfect translation.

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British World English blotting paper blotting paper noun mass noun. Inc, websterapos, brE, nAmE noun uncountable soft thick paper used for drying ink after you have written sth on a piece of paper a piecesheet of blotting paper. A moulding commonly used in framing oil paintings. The liner curl may have fabric glued down. Test Your Vocabulary, act of covering an object, september 2018 Words of the Day Quiz. Panama Papers, s 1913 Dictionary, leaked documents from a law firm managing offshore companies in Panama and involving famous people.

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Blotting paper dictionary definition blotting paper defined

Which is a synonym of lenitive?Any hard surface is like blotting paper: plant too close, and the roots will be deprived of the moisture they need.People say I'm a musical blotting paper and I like that.