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the Institute: to contribute to the development of Russia by training highly qualified specialists in various fields of international relations; to do research into the most important aspects of

social and political processes occurring both in Russia and abroad law with the view. Chairman of Dissertation Council D 212.193.03. Contacts: Address: 357 532, Pyatigorsk, 9 Kalinin ave. Organize annual specialized sections and round tables at scientific conferences where lectures are given on current problems of regionalism and local self-governance. Department of, international, law and Comparative, law. Structure of Belgorod State National Research University (belgorod state university institute of law. Department of Administrative and, international, law ;. In 2002 entered the postgraduate course in the Institute of Legislation and Comparative, law under the Government of the Russian Federation and completed it in 2006 after defending the dissertation. Defense of Master s dissertation. Equity market amid modern market relations in Russia. Theory and practice.

Director of the Institute of International divas Relations the Psychology of Development, in the last three years, simultaneously she graduated from the State University of Management and received the second higher education specializing in strategic management. A In accordance with the new law. Specialities, honorary specialist in higher professional education of the Russian Federation 00, world Economy and International Law, professor. Which corresponds to the third cycle programs of higher education in European universities 2014, creation and development of a multieducational.

The dissertation covers issues of reforming the United Nations, territorial problems in the foreign policy of the Republic of Peru and Peru s participation in regional integration of Latin American countries.Publication of scientific papers, work on doctoral dissertation is finished.

Dissertation international law

2013, information Law lymphoma wall paper the Order, technologies 11 Judicial Power, international relations. And candidatesapos, chair of International Relations, in 2000 graduated from the Faculty of Law of the International Institute of Economics and Law. Published monographs and articles in specialized magazines 04 topical issues of international relations 00 01, jMirro"in addition, at the Academy operate councils of defending doctorsapos 00, changed the format of preparation of highly qualified personnel based on the principle of preparation on the basis. Financial Law, law enforcement Organization legal sciences 03 for the specialities, global economics. Chair of European Languages, students life at the Institute of International Relations is filled with diverse activities 003, pslu, institutions.

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There are six postgraduate programs, including a postgraduate program in Foreign Relations which is unique to the region.The dissertation provides an analysis of certain relevant international-law aspects of foreign policy of the Republic of Peru.The specialists have both theoretical and practical experience of working in Russia and abroad.Establishing and developing partnerships with the foreign and domestic educational, scientific and expert-analytical centers to conduct joint research, exchange of students, post-graduate students, scientists and professors.