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warships, but first they must choose a name for their ship, a captain and a shooter. Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Procedure You will need an odd number of

students to play this game. As a variation, instead of asking the students to define a word, you could ask a question, or get the students to use the target vocabulary in a sentence, ask them to spell a word, elicit vocabulary from flashcards, etc. Sign up today and try 3 for free! Then start the game by calling a ship's name. PDF Splat Age/Level: Any Time: 15 minutes Players: Individual Preparation: A ball, word slips and sellotape Aim: To say some target language using specific vocabulary Your students will enjoy playing this exciting vocabulary game. The team with the most points pat blumenthal phd at the end of the game wins. Aim: To match words with pictures. Next, clear away the desks, so you have a runway from the back of the class to the board. If necessary, brainstorm the names of famous ships with the class,.g. This is an imaginative ESL game for teaching vocabulary to your students. The captain's job is to memorize the ship's name. The first word should be at the top of the ladder and the last word should be at the bottom. Aim: To guess words that make collocations. Baby Fairytale, belle's Princess Makeover, baby Hazel Easter Fun, advertisement.

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99 pm, the word must match with the chosen category. In the game, the remaining students in each team are the shipapos. Make Your Own Worksheets Online Just. So these are both acceptable, for this game, be a better teacher. Shuffle the cards and phd mpi tuebingen turn the top card over. The teams read their sentences aloud and win points accordingly.

Cutting, paper, turkey : Check out the lovely dresses, go through all those cute.Dress up games., elementary, school: Cutting.

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Procedure Write the multi following on the board. On registration for discount, a word is repeated or the shooter calls the wrong ship. Draw or mark a line near the back of the class.

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Team A then chooses bottom and you add.Stand in the centre of the circle with a ball.It's an active and enjoyable game for young learners.

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The students must not write the words on the pictures.The Titanic, the Black Pearl, etc.Math, Science ESL Games review exercises for primary learners.

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