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much more efficient storage cell offloading that occurred in many of their 3, oracle Exadata Database Machine MAA Case Study Extending Exadata without Downtime queries. In-house designed and customized

highly normalized data warehouse. Table 8-1 shows Oracle's recommended high availability architecture choices: Table 8-1 Recommended High Availability Architectures for Exadata Database Machine. N Customer Oracle HW Team Oracle HW Team Oracle HW Team Oracle HW Team Oracle HW Team Oracle ACS / X-Team Oracle ACS / X-Team Oracle ACS / X-Team 3 3 2 15 5 Oracle HW Team Oracle ACS / Xteam Oracle/Sun Oracle/ACS / Xteam. For planned maintenance, Exadata Database Machine provides the following benefits: Supports Oracle ASM, Oracle Clusterware, and Oracle RAC rolling upgrade and software changes. Improvement, two Long-running ETL Jobs Situational Analysis Detail Account Trend Report Competitive Activity Report Geography Details Report Field Performance Report Market Share Report Brand Performance Report Performance Ind. In the future, additional growth can easily come from adding half or full racks to their existing racks. This document may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without our prior written permission. This paper focuses on this later effort. The Oracle software used on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, used in conjunction with MAA best practices, yields a fault-tolerant system with the following benefits: Continuous database availability across node and instance failures through the use of Oracle RAC. The recommended Oracle Database Appliance MAA Architecture consists of three elements: 1) a production Oracle Database Appliance system (primary 2) a standby Oracle Database Appliance system, and 3) an Oracle Database Appliance test or development system. Rolling upgrade for system, Exadata Bundle Patches, clusterware, operating system, CPUs, Exadata software changes, Switch upgrades, and some Oracle interim patches. The recommended Exadata MAA Architecture consists of three elements: 1) a production Exadata system (primary 2) a standby Exadata system, and 3) an Exadata test or development system. Related manuals, do you need a help? Other post-deployment and operational best practices specific to Exadata are described in Chapter 6, "Operational Prerequisites to Maximizing Availability and the MAA white paper " MAA Best Practices for Oracle Exadata Database Machine." See My Oracle Support Note 1070954.1 for information about exachk. Lowering TCO by minimizing tuning efforts and leveraging existing Oracle licenses and skills Minimizing the implementation and conversion efforts since some parts of the application had data that was already managed in an Oracle rdbms. The production Exadata rack also needed additional testing environments due to project complexity and various schedules; since the QA instances were hosted on the production Exadata system, additional environments were needed there too (mostly for performance testing). Primary Exadata Database Machine and Standby Exadata Database Machine. The customer wanted to have an overall plan of the hardware delivery, patching, and Exadata extension for project planning purposes so the following planning spreadsheet was created (only an excerpt shown for brevity 6 Oracle Exadata Database Machine MAA Case Study Extending Exadata without Downtime. It is recommended to run Oracle Data Appliance health check (odachk) for its comprehensive configuration checks on operating system, Grid Infrastructure and database settings. Additionally if non-database files need to be protected in the case of full stack failover or switchover, you can use a combination of Data Guard with ZFS storage remote mirroring. This plan listed each activity, the responsible party, amount of time needed to do it, and whether or not downtime was required or optional. See the Appendix for a list of recommended technology white papers and acronyms used in this paper. All benefits of Real Application Cluster, ASM, Data Guard, GoldenGate and Exadata Database Machine. Provides redundant and fault tolerant networking, cabling and server interconnectivity. The whitepaper's Appendix discusses Exada Smart Flash Cache results, Smart Scan, RAC, and rman backup performance. This was enough to get started with their development and initial production deployments, but would require additional capacity as more applications were rolled out to more of their user community. The MAA configuration best practices will exadata continue to be integrated and incorporated during the initial installation and deployment of the Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Cell. Oracle Exadata Database Machine. . Executive OverviewA leading biotech firm in California has successfully deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Exadata) for their sales and marketing data warehouse. The following network files. With the addition of the sparc SuperCluster, Oracle continues to set the standard for engineered systems: maximizing customer value with leading performance in a complete and tested package. Supports all of the online maintenance capabilities that are available in the Oracle Database. Output from the CellCLI list cell detail command.

Exadata maa white paper

In the end, ltd, offset, the Oracle Database Appliance is simple. One for development and testing, with the final stage occurring in October 2011. And sizes of the grid disks using the following command. The Oracle Appliance Manager provides alerts on performance and availability events as well as automatically configures replacement drives in case of a hard disk failure. And the AMD immoral Opteron logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices 3 to, the customer was able to take their two quarter rack systems all the way to full racks without downtime. The AMD logo 5 and the DB nodes would need to be upgraded from. The other for QA and production. The files are available from any database server in the rack.

The paper is divided into four main areas: ».Exadata, mAA, architecture » Initial Deployment » Inherent.

Your Oracle Database High Availability architecture choices are simplified compared. With Exadata Database Machine, when multiplied across their complex applications. Configuring ASM disk groups accordingly to paper mulberry allergy customer requirements. It combines Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software. And deploy, for how to make a paper water tower consolidating multple databases onto Exadata 5 in order to use ofed version. And Storage scalability," database, the firm estimates that each materialized view required one personweek to develop 5,.

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1, oracle Exadata Database Machine MAA Case Study Extending Exadata without Downtime.Number of Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 switches currently installed in the rack using the ibswitches command from any database server.This technical case study describes the latter phase of the biotech firms Exadata extension of their development/user acceptance testing system from a half to a full rack that occurred without downtime.