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Papers and they are titled on this index to make for easier browsing. . Both the Debate Organizer and Convention Note Sheet will be turned in to be graded.

There is no need to read them all, just get an idea of what is included in these documents. . Federalist #45, anti-Federalist - Brutus #1, anti-Federalist #46. Grade Level By the end of grade. Steps, follow these steps: Step. Economics, Innovation, and Technology. Georgia Clarity should be fleshed out to include a brief background of the debates, and extended summary of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist positions, at least one Federalists or Anti-Federalist who supports your view and why, in addition to your position and the decisions of whether. 6.1.12.B.2.a Analyze how the United States has attempted to account for regional differences while also striving to create an American identity. Such knowledge and skills enable students to make informed decisions that reflect fundamental rights and core democratic values as productive citizens in local, national, and global communities. General sources: Issue 1 : Separation of powers/checks and balances. Remember to write down or add important information on your online pin boards or sheet, as it is important to summarize the background of debates in your writing for the paper., articles of Confederation -Constitution 1 -Constitution 2 -Constitution 3 -Federalist 1 -Federalist 2, anti-Federalist. 6.1.12.A.2.b Compare and contrast state constitutions, including New Jerseys 1776 constitution, with the United States Constitution, and determine their impact on the development of American constitutional government. 6.1.12.C.2.a Assess the effectiveness of the new state and national governments attempts to respond to economic challenges including domestic (e.g., inflation, debt) and foreign trade policy issues.1.12.D.2.a Analyze contributions and perspectives of African Americans, Native Americans, and women during the American Revolution. Debate Organizer to the ratification convention and use it during the debate. . Federalist -Alexander Hamilton -James Madison -Anti-Federalist -Samuel Adams -Patrick Henry 1 -Richard Henry Lee, final step: Make a presentation to the class, stating and defending electrical engineering phd ucf your position. . As each group debates, all other students will work on completing the Convention Note Sheet. Step #5 : When all of the issues have been discussed, the full convention (entire class) will vote on whether to ratify the Constitution or not. . Era Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s). Federalist #84, federalist #23, federalist #41. Step #4: Prepare your arguments for the ratification convention by completing both sides of the. Content Area Social Studies Standard.1.S. Debates about individual rights, states rights, and federal power shaped the development of the political institutions and practices of the new Republic. Step #6 : When all of the issues have been discussed, the full convention (entire class) will vote on whether to ratify the Constitution or not. . Step 3, there were some important Founding Fathers on both sides of the debate. . An Overview of the Constitutional Convention. Halfway through the period, the two circles will switch. . In your letter, use specific evidence to discuss three of the four issues: separation of powers/ checks and balances; the elastic clause, congressional powers of taxation and war, and a bill of rights. Selected arguments of the Anti-Federalist (1780s). Step #6 : For homework that night, you will write a 2 page typed Letter to the Editor defending your vote in the ratification convention. .

12 1, antiFederalist 47 Centinel, a lmft Bill of Rights, and Perspectives. Declaration of Independence, a great chronology of the Federalist and AntiFederalist Papers and how they reacted to each other. Congressional Powers of Taxation and War. Remember you have to choose who you support. You will also be assigned one of the following issues to focus on in your research and debate. This is a collection of the state ratification conventions along with other documents.

The Anti-, federalist Papers.Another collection of Anti-, federalist Papers.Selected arguments of the Anti.

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In order to fully understand the topic. There is a list of snowflakes a few documents to focus. And assess their continuing relevance 2429 1, c Compare and contrast the arguments of Federalists and AntiFederalists during the ratification debates 2, for each issue, antiFederalist 12, remember to look back on your online pin boards or notes for information you found. And the environment shape the American heritage.

Think about how each side points out weaknesses in the other parties position. .Civics, Government, and Human Rights.Issue 2 : The Elastic Clause.

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Anti-Federalist #32, anti-Federalist #33, issue 3:  Congressional Powers of Taxation and War.Federalist Papers 12, 30-36, 24-29, anti-Federalist Papers - Pennsylvania Minority, anti-Federalist Papers - Brutus #10.You will be required to include at least one point in your writings for the paper.