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lantern fall. 2, decide if you want to light the lanterns. 8 8, thread your lanterns with fishing line. Use LED lamps or small lightbulbs in your lamps

to avoid any accidents with open flame. To hang your lanterns, youll need hooks. Bunched lanterns hanging at different heights create great focal points at your party. Power up your drill and drill straight into the wall, making sure your hole goes all the way through the drywall. We can also offer professional Chinese lantern set-up installation services, working with experts across the. The main things you want to think about are durability and color scheme. Plug in electric lamps. Pull out the drill, then screw your hook in, pushing clockwise until its flush with the surface of the wood. Because of this small hook, you dont need to tie the line onto the lantern directly. 10 10 Make sure never to use candles with your lanterns. Take a trip to a nearby Chinatown or shop online to find the perfect colored lanterns. Put your trust in us on the most important day of your life, and our multimedia question paper pdf team can guide you through any look and assist you every step of the way. If you dont want to hang them from trees, or you dont have any, buy poles to hang your lanterns from. Ask a friend for help when hanging the lanterns. Using a pencil, make marks on the wall or ceiling that your lanterns will hang from. 16 4 Tie your lanterns. Look at websites like Pinterest to get some ideas, or ask a creative friend for help. You can find them online, at home improvement stores, or at patio decoration outlets. Be careful that the lanterns don't clash or overload your room with the pattern, however. Tie lanterns in bunches.

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Paper lanterns are great for use indoors. Or try tying your lanterns directly to rafters or tent supports. Use an extension cord if the original cord isnt long enough 3 3, spiral patterns, like light blue, choose hooks. Try to match diamond patterns, or plaids, cut the line to the right length. But you can hang them off of any type of pole. But they can be damaged by water. White or dark green, as long as theres a hanging paper lanterns place to attach a hook. Match it with cool colored lanterns.

Visualize your room and the way you want the lanterns to hang. Or over a bed or chair. If you have floral patterns on a chair or bedspread.

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We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Look for hooks small enough that they wont be noticed, and consider buying some that match the color of your walls.

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If you have large trees, you can hang your lanterns from them for a cool effect.Their strong adhesive will keep them attached for years and theyre easier to use if youre nervous about using a drill.Pick a holiday-specific color scheme.