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may assist shippers by keeping an ERG on each vehicle carrying hazardous materials. The full name of the shipping manager A proper shipping description for each hazardous material All

of these are required on hazardous materials shipping papers The full name of the driver Prev Next A shipping paper for hazardous materials must include all of the following. (ii) The hazard class need not be included for the entry Combustible liquid,.o.s. The following provisions also apply: (i) For empty uncleaned packaging, only the number and type of packaging must be shown; (ii) For chemical kits and first aid kits, the total net mass of hazardous materials must be shown. Such information can be on the shipping paper or some other document that includes the basic description and technical name of the hazardous material. The critical shipping paper must be maintained for a given period of time (3 months to 2 years depending upon the method of shipment. Signed by the shipper, saying the shipment was prepared according to the rules. The only alphabetical characters allowed in this field are EXT when an extension must be included, or OPT when a caller must select an option number. We will see the "Shipper's Certification" mentioned many times in the next few pages. When using 49 CFR, whether you are shipping by ground or by air, shipping papers must accompany each hazardous materials package. Signed by the driver, saying the shipment was prepared according to the rules. (iii) The following are excepted from the requirements of paragraph (a 5) of this section: (A) Bulk packages, provided some indication of the total quantity is shown, for example, 1 cargo tank or 2 IBCs. If you have any questions about shipping hazardous materials with UPS, please call the UPS Hazardous Materials Support Center. Before the basic description, after the UN Number, after the basic description. If more than one hazardous material is in a package, one shipping paper must be used listing all materials. The emergency response telephone number is the responsibility of the shipper. A non-hazardous material may not be described by using a hazard class or an ID number. Except for combustible liquids, the subsidiary hazard class(es) or subsidiary division number(s) must be entered in parentheses immediately following the primary hazard class or division number. (B) Cylinders, provided some indication of the total quantity is shown, for example, 10 cylinders. The shipper's certification statement is a legally binding declaration stating the package has been prepared in compliance with all aspects of the HMR. Or, it may be in a guidance book such as the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). Sign and date the shipping paper. The shipper of hazardous wastes must put the word waste before the proper shipping name of the material on the shipping paper (hazardous waste manifest). UPS allows a maximum of three compatible hazardous materials in one package. Receivers can call the number to check the status of the shipment and verify there have been no spills while en-route When involved in an accident, drivers should call the emergency response telephone number instead of calling example police or fire It can be used. Use the UPS multipart shipping paper for both modes of transport. The driver must provide the emergency response information to any federal, state or local authority responding to a hazardous materials incident or investigating one. And packing group very easily (see example below).

E, class 7 are excepted from this requirement. Selfreactive substances, see the List of CFR Sections Affected. The subsidiary hazard class or division number is not required to be entered when a corresponding subsidiary hazard label is not required. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that all copies of the UPS shipping paper are clear and legible. It can be used by emergency responders to obtain information about any hazardous materials involved in a spill or fire. Page 1 of 4, division, and entries that are not assigned a packing group. Which appears in the Finding Aids section of the printed volume and at www.

The Basic, description of a hazardous material includes the Identification.Number, the Proper, shipping, name.Hazard Class, and Packing Group (when.

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1 8, the hazardous materials will either. For example, it is the shipperapos, abbreviations may be used to express units of hazardous material shipping paper example measurement and types of packagings. Including any hazardous material shipping paper example applicable country code or international access codes. A proper shipping description for each hazardous material. Who must provide emergency response information to the motor carrier for each Hazardous material being shipped. Which must be located on the shipping paper.

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Description of hazardous material on shipping papers

UPS Shipping Papers, when using 49 CFR, whether you are shipping by ground or by air, shipping papers must accompany each hazardous materials package, unless the regulations allow the shipment to be tendered without shipping papers (e.g., Ground service level shipments prepared under Limited Quantity.6.1 (8, 3 UN2744, PG II, Cyclobutyl Chloroformate UN2744, Cyclobutyl Chloroformate,.1 (8, 3 PG II PG II,.1 (8, 3 UN2744, Cyclobutyl Chloroformate UN2744, warning: poisonous, Cyclobutyl Chloroformate,.1 (8, 3 PG II Prev Next A non-hazardous material should include a hazard class.You must know how to identify hazardous materials on a shipping paper and also be able to verify the information the shipper provides you with is legal and correct.An appropriate modifier, such as contains or containing, and/or the percentage of the technical constituent may also be used.