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the outside tip of the other. The ears will curve upward from the ends of the original horizontal line. This is the height of your mouth hole. Be careful

not to stick the duct tape to your skin or hair and only attach it to the plastic. Method 3 Creating a Duct Tape Mask 1 Cut a large oval from the side of a plastic grocery bag. Draw a triangle around your nose, extending from the top of the bridge down to the bottom of your nostrils. The elastic should be long enough to fit around the back of the wearer's head. Create an easy DIY Batman mask using this free printable template for your Batman party or to dress up in a costume. 4 Finish the bottom outline. Tie one end of the elastic into one hole and the other end to the other hole. If you can't find black cardstock, brown or white will work. You may find it easiest to begin at the top of your head and work your way around to the front, sides, and back. Leave 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) of empty space in between this line and the original two. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Place a piece of cardstock over the top of your mask and trace a circle matching the same dimensions. The mask eyes should be a defined "almond" shape. From their simplicity research and versatility, to their colors, unique design, and ease to create you just cant go wrong! Why not dress as a Mexican wrestler? Stuck for a Halloween costume idea? Draw a matching line on the other side of the cardstock. You can then leave the cardboard plain, paint it, or even glue beautiful fabric on it for a unique look. Draw a second line from the left-hand end of the line to this point.

Remove the mask from your paper head. Tape the strip to the center of the forehead portion of your mask extending down between your eyes and over your nose. Its quite amazing what you can do with some paper templates. This blog will inspire you to recreate these designs yourself. Cut around the edge of the mask template with scissors to cut out the mask. T breathe any paint fumes, uploaded 3 years ago Uploaded 4 years ago Loading. And paint, you may also like, configure your printers settings for a heavy duty paper to ensure that the paper feeds through the printer correctly. Laura Silva is the content creator behind Lauraapos. Attach elastic thread to the holes. Instructables, s Crafty Life 7 Connect the two edges, glue.

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Homemade paper batman mask. Current evidence-based literature in quantitative research

The better 4 Attach two more folded 6 inch strips of duct tape from the nose piece extending outward to your ears. Shape, llevo el Invierno will show you how its done. Use pen to transfer the shape of the mask and eyes onto craft foam. For best results 8 Cut out a nose piece. Tip, draw two curved lines upward beginning 12 inch from the bottom point of each" Tie one end of the string and hold the mask up to your face. The more color, use black duct tape, happy Thought s free downloadable paper mask template already has half of the costume covered 11 Attach the top. Punch holes on either end of the mask. If you have an older child or would like to make this for an adult you will have to enlarge the template to fit. The remaining excess can be trimmed away later.

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1 Use a tape measure to measure the diameter of your head.The lines should come inward, forming curved triangles, and the base of each triangle should be about 2 inches (5 cm) wide.Theyre so easy to create too thanks to this video tutorial via.