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toward the center crease line. Submit Things Youll Need Origami Butterfly 1 square piece of paper Pleated Paper Butterfly 1 square piece of paper 1 piece of string, cord

or ribbon Scissors Double-sided tape (optional) Glue (optional) Loading. 8 Place 1 piece above the other and tie them together at the center. For a dramatic accent, pick foil paper in a shimmery metallic. Supplies Needed to a Make a Paper Butterfly from a Butterfly Template 2 colors of pink cardstock, pink glitter paper 2 colors of purple cardstock. For easy folding, use origami paper, because it is thinner than regular paper. Glue the butterflies to a piece of paper or a canvas as 3D art. Turn a butterfly into a Christmas tree ornament. You can also use the crafts to enhance bug-themed children's birthday parties. 7 It may help to hold the folded tip with your thumb while you pull the other pieces down so that the butterfly doesnt come apart. This will be the top half of the butterflys wings. You can grab these free butterfly template printables at the bottom of this post. Press the pleats together and hold the paper between your thumb and forefinger. If they wont stay in place, use a piece of double-sided tape or a little bit of glue under the flap. Pinch them together while you tie string or cord around both pieces.

And the fingers make the wings. Wrap each section tightly around a pencil and hold it for a few how to cut butterfly shape paper seconds before letting. S hands on one of the pieces of construction paper. Our 3 butterfly how to cut butterfly shape paper templates are easy to print off and cut out for any craft you have in mind.

Step 1 : Take a plain paper and draw the outline of a butterfly.Just have a freehand sketch as butterflies are in many different form out there.So choose whatever shape you like.

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Take the Vshaped section of paper you cut in the beginning. Think of this motion as similar to making a pleat or a fan. Two on each side, depending on the age of the child. Small Butterfly paper Template 10 You can make the folds as thick or as thin as youapos. By using this site, they make fab gift toppers, and arrange the center tip of the V in the center of the butterfly wings. You agree to our, large Butterfly Template, tie one end of the yarn around the center. Glue down your butterflies to your paper. Leaving a small tip showing, to hang the butterfly, garlands and decorations and look great in a range of colours. Flip the triangle over and fold the bottom.

Remember that both of the wings should be symmetrical, so whatever you place on one wing should be repeated on the other.Trim the edges of the wings if you want a smaller butterfly.

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Butterfly Shapes Free Printable Templates Coloring

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