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By oriy12 on Jul 25, 2018

flatten it out. Your panty should now be folded in half horizontally. The front side of the panty should be facing. 6 Take a moment to observe the current

state of things. Okay #10006, method 1 Creating the Basic Scroll 1, lay grade your panty out on a flat surface. You are essentially paper reversing the narrow waistband folds you made earlier in the process. 4 Fold each side of the waistband in towards the center. You want it to be flush with the top of the pantys waistband. It is the simplest and most compact method. 4, flip the panty over. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. You should now have a neat little square. 2, fold the waistband away from you three times. 8 Note the pros and cons of this underwear storage method. Method 3 Creating the Egg Roll 1, lay your panty front side up on a flat surface. Do this using the narrowest possible folds. 3 Flip the panty over. Keep going until the bundle has been rolled into itself three times. 3, roll the fabric horizontally across the panty.

Method 2 Creating the Compact Square. Make sure the panty is as flat as possible by smoothing your hand over how to fold underwear like tissue paper the fabric. Fold each side of the waistband inward.

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The waistband side should be closest to you. You can now choose the pair you want without messing up the rest of them. Sources and Citations Loading 2 5, use your middle fingers to push the fabric along the back of the pocket up through the front opening while you fold the outside edges back with paper toys japan your thumbs. Start with whichever side is closest to you and work your way to the other. Did you try these steps, it wonapos, t Stack your panties vertically to store them. Use this method to save space 4, smooth your hand over the panty once more to ensure the item is as flat as possible before starting the roll. They should look like tiny files in a filing cabinet. The ends of each side of the waistband should end up overlapping each other. Upload error Awesome picture, lay it out so that one end of the waistband is closest to you 7 Flip nosql database technology white paper the bundle inside out three times.

2, fold the crotch of the panty.If you want to organize them further, stack them by order of color.The panty should end up lying flat with the back side up and the crotch closest to you.

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Place them side by side.Unanswered Questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.In this how to video, the Beverly Hills Organizer, Linda Koopersmith demonstrates how to fold panities for compact storage.This sounds complicated but it becomes a simple flick of the wrist once you get the hang.