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Craft, dont forget to save this craft on Pinterest for later! Do the same with the short strips. Ingredients: How to make Easy Bunny Cake:. This one is

a great Easter craft, although you can do a rabbit craft any time of the year. Glue the other 2 long strips, making a snowflake. Place about 1 cup of coconut into a resealable bag. Glue the teeth on the snout. If necessary add a small knife slit into the top of the head to accommodate the ears. It would be a great project for parents and kids around Easter time. Craft Supplies for Paper Bunny Craft. You might also like to make. Repeat with many colors! Vanilla Buttercream Frosting is amazing. Did you make this origami? Do the same with the short strips snowflake. Course: Dessert Cuisine: American Keyword: How to make a Easter Bunny Cake Servings: 12 Calories: 694 kcal Author: Eating on A Dime Ingredients 2 cake rounds (8" or 9 baked and cooled completely) (1). Recipe Notes Delicious Easter Bunny Cake that the kids will love! Glue the small pink petals onto the large petals to make ears for your bunny, cut 1 of your large hearts in half (you will end up with 2 tear dropped shapes then use scissors to round the point of your other heart. How to Make a Paper Bunny Craft. Once you get organized you will just how simple this cake. You will love how simple this easy bunny cake. Origami Rabbit Step 2: Fold the paper in half to make a triangle: Origami Rabbit Step 3 4: Open the paper back into a square and fold both sides to meet the crease in the center. Its the perfect spring Easter project for both kids and adults. Cut a short paper strip and fold it like an accordion 4 times.

The entire family will love this gorgeous Easter Bunny Cake. Easter Bunny Cake, i only do simple around here, your Easy Paper Bunny Craft is all done and ready to mcgill paper punches uk be displayed. What is even more cool is you can make a whole bunch of these and hang them on a string to make a garland. Use the rotary cutter to make a 1 x 11 paper strip. After gathering supplies, make the Bunnys Face and Tail. Step 3, every year we make these, you could also use this. Easter Basket Cupcakes and the kids love them. That isnt naropa university phd absolutely necessary, but of course, its very simple to make and you just cant beat the taste. Frost one section and press it together 22076shares, glue the 2 flaps together to create a 3D half circle shape.

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This Bunny Cake Recipe is how to make a paper bunny head so fun. Knead the bag to evenly distribute the green food coloring onto the coconut. How to make a Easter Bunny Cake Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 45 mins Total Time 1 hr This adorable Easter Bunny Cake will be a hit. Print your Easter Cake Recipe below. Add jelly bean piles to the grass and add black eyes and a pink nose to the bunny. Spoon green coconut onto the plate for grass.

Glue the strips together, forming loops, until all strips are glued together and you get a nice looking ball.Making a paper bunny craft is easy and fun when you use paper punches!Easy Paper Bunny Craft.

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Kids use the large heart punch to create 2 large hearts.I like to put this gorgeous cake on a cake stand and sprinkle a little extra coconut and jelly beans around.I use a set of these baking racks and they are great!Just in time for Easter, kids can learn how to make an easy paper bunny craft at school or home.