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fastener through the hole and spread out the legs inside the tail. Carefully bend down the top of the bag over the bottom of the bag bringing it down

over the bottom of the bag as far as possible. She cut hers out so her dove was looking to the side (which I thought was cute). See Copyright Information - Bloggers if you use this craft refer back to this site for the complete directions. To finish glue the wiggle eyes to the fish or draw the eyes with a Sharpie marker. The stickers will be much easier to remove. Dot Color Coding Labels - Found at office supply store. Cut the patterns out and use them as templates to cut the starfish shapes from card stock. Hole Punch, how to Make the Paper Cup Fish Puppets:. Peeking Bunny, ages 3 and. Print out starfish patterns. I love the haphazard look of the hedgehogs spikes. Open the bag just enough to place the paint bottle into the center of the bag so that it is standing. Fold the paper in half diagonally making a triangle. See picture below: Cut on your lines, and then assemble like a dove with one of the big wings on each side. Tape one more piece of string or ribbon on the back of each wing so you can hang your dove. The kids added a black circle for a nose and a large googly eye. Glue the fluke to the folded body paper plate as shown in the picture. Cut fins from colored paper and glue to the fish to finish. If you have children who do not like to glue, or you don't want the mess, you can just have your children drop the cup pieces of tissue into the bottle and then twist the bottom of the bottle. If you would like to make a smaller version just use a dessert size paper plate. I cut one tear-drop shape out of a piece of paper, and gave it to Lydia to trace and cut her own. . Fold the fluke pattern in half, fold up the flukes as shown in the picture, and glue it closed. Paper Plate Bull Frog. You could use real watermelon seeds for this craft, however, if you're doing make this with a group you may have to eat a lot of watermelons to get enough seeds! Start with a regular, cheap paper plate. See Copyright Information Under the Sea Crafts on Other Pages Under the See Crafts Ideas on Other Web Sites: Ocean Diorama from Enchanted m - Just print out the patterns of the whales and tie them inside a box decorated to look like the. Turn the folded paper so that the folded edge is at the bottom. This worked very well since using glue with tissue paper can be very messy and frustrating for any age. Crease the lines starting at the center of the starfish out towards the rays. The kids painted the paper plate, and then I helped them fold it in half and staple it together. This will make folding easier. Markers, scissors, tape, string or ribbon, yellow Paper. Glue the craft sticks together using the pictures to the right as a guide or use the Template. Decorate the fish with markers and paper. Insert a pen or something long and skinny inside the bottle to punch out any areas that were dented in when you twisted the bottle. See Copyright Information, and follow all copyright regulations.

Hand it up and catch all your dreams. I like tape for this because it does a good job. Itapos, draw lines on the fins with a black marker. This Yarn Dream Catcher is assistant professor previous year question papers a great Native American craft for kids. He enjoyed reich paper shine decorating the fish with dot stickers.

This, paper Plate Rainbow is a perfect craft for preschoolers.Paper plates are just the right shape for rainbow -making, add some clouds and you ve got one fun craft!

How to make a paper plate rainbow: Violence research paper

This craft involves marbles, send us a picture and we will publish it here. Make sure you use the bag architect really thin water bottles. Watch a" first, so please make sure you supervise young children closely as it may pose a choking hazard. Colored Paper, there are so many things you can make with a paper plate. If you have preschool children, and glue it to the fish. Paper Lunch Bags Chenille Stems Water Color Paint and Paint Brushes Scissors Recycled Plastic Grocery Bag.

Glue a string or magnet the the starfish to hang them.Variations of the Craft Stick Fish Craft Here are some creative ways followers have used the Craft Stick Fish Craft from our web site: Jessica Tennison used the craft stick fish craft to make sea life pictures.(Pattern available to members.) Glue the tissue paper to the back of the fish.

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If the label doesn't come off easily, you can fill the bottle with hot water, let it set for a few minutes, and then try to pull it off.if you would like to see how it made, watch our video on m: 2012 - #, Digital by Design, Inc. The little spikes just make me smile!The doves body is easy to draw because its just shaped like a snowman.