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By dbright on Aug 06, 2018

make the tail pieces. (Additional packs of quilling paper are about trips this craft used 21 strips.). Cut the peacock body shape out of the blue construction paper (make

an 8 shape). Cut two feet out of yellow construction paper and glue them on the base (at the center of the circle, a bit under). Capture the sheer majestic presence of the beautiful peacock by making it as an awesome and easy paper craft idea.Being a fun art and craft activity for kids, you can also make this. Welcome to Sugar, Spice Glitter! Place the navy blue teardrop pattern inside the purple teardrop pattern. Have you done any large projects? PPA matte so that there is no shiny residue once the glue is dried. It already has the inset shadowbox frame, which makes it handy! Coil the rest of the purple strip, keeping the measured centre the same size so that that navy teardrop will be able to fit after you are done. Use a quilling tool to slightly curl each side inwards. Paper Peacock Craft Tutorial. But one can get used to them too. This gorgeous peacock necklace would make a sweet gift for a best friend ( birds of a feather ) or a Mothers Day gift. Take a small piece of blue strip (about 5 cm or 2" will do) and coil cotton it using the slotted quilling tool. This fun craft idea is great for fine motor skills.

How to make a paper quilling peacock

If you have cardstock or on edge quilling strips you can get them here make from Little Circles it is much easier. You will need a whole lot. So this couple messaged me asking me if I do custom projects and they told me what they were looking for. But is really simple and straightforward. The most challenging was making sure that it was what the customer wanted. Which has left this blog sadly a bit neglected. Whichever number works for you as long as the project is fun. Ive been doing a few other projects at home as well. If you want now is the perfect time to draw some feathery elements on the paper strips we think regular feather marks or zendoodle patterns will work out pretty great. Click here to see how I do that.

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Adjust as needed until the heart is the shape that you like. Now wrap the rest of the strips brown. Lime green and dark green one by one around the teardrop pattern. This post contains affiliate links while peacocks are paper fatna meaning in english breath taking they can also be super duper loud.

Now take a dark green strip (8 cm or 3 and coil it around the blue coil on the slotted quilling tool. I have more photos of this process, so Ill post them in my next post specifically about using that tool. It does take some time to dry fully, though, so be patient.

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Bend the second side in to meet the first. The difficult part was cutting out the hearts! Thank you for supporting my blog! Here is how I made my hearts, I made several different sizes: Cut a strip of paper and fold it in half.