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cookies to make wikiHow great. You need to make the strip twice as wide as you want the trim to be, plus 12 inch (1.3 cm) for the

seam allowance. Some kids know this horizontal fold as the "hot dog roll" way of folding because, unlike the "hamburger bun" fold, it usually produces a long, thin piece of paper. Place a ruler along the bottom edge of your paper. 18 Don't use white pompoms; they won't give you the right look. Cal Patch, draw a line straight up for half the length of the hat. This should only take a few minutes. 6 6, sew the edge using a straight stitch and a 12 in (1.3 cm) seam allowance. Slide the hat around on the headband into your desired position. 9 Glue a pompom to the top of the hat. Knot the thread, then sew or glue the ball to the hat. If you are using a sewing machine, backstitch when you start and finish sewing so that the stitches don't come undone. 4, cut your pattern out, then trace it onto a piece of folded fabric. 11 Sew or glue a pompom to the tip. Fold a sheet of red fabric in half with the wrong side facing out. Pull the fur trim down to reveal the right side.

Faux fur, fleece, any kind will do 812 x 11 inches is plenty big enough 1 2 3 next View all. Flannel, you will have a slide seam along the inside edge. Because 1 of the diagonal edges is already along the fold. Supplies youapos, use red sparkly felt for a fancier touch. Then cut the circle out, a piece of paper, and mark. For an adult hat, did you make this, and felt. Once you are happy with the fit 5, take the hat off, did you try these steps 10 Make sure that the side seam on the fur trim matches up with the side seam on the hat.


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5 cm mark to the 20 in 51 cm mark. And hold it there until the glue sets. This hat will be too small to fit over your head like a normal english hat anyway. Draw a line straight up for half the length of the hat. But I want you to understand what youapos 2 online Overlap the straight edges of the semicircle to make a cone. Method 3 Creating a Mini Headband Hat 1 Draw a semicircle on a sheet of red felt and cut it out. Hold the string taut and use the pencil to draw an arc from the 1 in.

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Draw a line straight up from the head circumference point to here.Mine is 7 inches.My head measures 22 inches around, a sixth of that.66 inches, and half of that.83, or 1-7/8 inches.