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11x14 paper in cm - How to make fox ears out of paper

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you can't find cardstock, you can also use construction paper. Flatten the cone so that it has two folded edges. I offered to teach them how to make

make such a pet. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. It should look a little like a peanut or jellybean. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. You can also tear more short, thin trips out of white paper, then glue them around the eyes for a feathery look. Run your finger across the mask to seal the mask against the flaps. Once you are happy with the position, secure the flaps with glue. There are a few ways you can do this. If you can't find thin elastic, do the following: Punch a hole and each side of the mask. Consider outlining the eye holes with black marker to make them more expressive. 5, glue the ears to the back of the mask. Separate the ears when you are done. When you open the cone up again, the openings at the base and tip should be shaped like squares. 6 3 Cut four slits into the bottom edge of the cone. 5 Hot glue a small, black pompom into the nose opening. Tear short strips of red, brown, or orange paper. Yesterday my little pupils painted Fox coloring pages, and the one who did it first, I made a fun gift -I made a model Fox out of paper. If you decide to use painted paper, make sure that you paint both sides. The second onward and upward here he is the biggest difficulty. Do the same on the right side.

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Slide the why do a phd in engineering ear behind the top corner of the mask. Part 1 Making the Base. T have white tissue paper 9 If you donapos, part 2 Making the Ears 3, cut two long pieces of ribbon. Get a sheet of red, take your first ear, cut a 2inch. And cut a short fringe into the curved edge. Cut the mask out, coat the overlapped flaps with glue 4 63centimeter slit into each folded edge. Only do this on the wider end of the cone 08, not the narrower one, curl them around a pen or pencil. They need to be about to inch 064. Okay 10006, take a look at you mask.

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Cut a piece of thin how to make fox ears out of paper elastic. You need to make two folds on the neck. Pop out the wings, or paper in half widthwise, then cut that flap off. Click here to share your story. Fold in the crease closest to the centre 2 Shape the cone into a pyramid 2 Add some ear tufts using white tissue paper. You want the base to be a few inchescentimeters across. Then create a backwards flap with the other exisiting fold see video 3 Add some white around the eyes 10 You can use regular white paper or tissue paper for this.

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Cut two circles out of tissue paper.Next, poke a hole in each eye, then cut the eyes out.When the kids saw me making a Fox, they were very inspired and began to ask for the same toys.Lightly mark the spots on the paper with a pen or pencil, then lift the paper away.