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Chemistry mock papers - How to make paper basketball game

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buy a net or make one yourself using string, yarn, etc. The tape of your choosing. Easy Origami Basketball Hoop Step 2: Make a horizontal mountain fold. Masking

tape will work well for this purpose, as it will not leave a sticky mess behind like duct tape would. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. The paper should appear to be a triangle if looked at from the side and a four-pointed star if viewed from above. Question How do I make my own basketball? You could use duct tape and fold how to make paper basketball game it the same way as the paper is folded. You can then put this on a pole. You could use socks or a solo cup. You do not even have to dismantle the hanger, but just reshape it into a hoop. Step 6: Creating the Stand Part. All of the creases (including those in the next step) must leave an imprint on the paper point the same direction. You can login with your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts. Step 2: Step 1, fold the Top right corner down to form a triangle, with a small rectangle below. You may be able to get the hoop to maintain its shape just by flexing the paper (especially if the paper is rigid). The paper should now have four creases in it, and will almost take a pyramid shape if left to sit on its own. If so, upload your photo (2MB limit) via the comment box below. Question Can I use cut up socks for a hoop? As you fold the tips together you may note how easily they form a basket that opens wider toward the top. Step 4: Part 3, the next part is slightly tricky, you have to pinch the center of where the 4 triangle meets above the rectangle and then push the top down. Question What do I use to make the net? 4 Then fold and unfold the paper again, this time left-to right.

It cannot be a partially metal hanger made substantially of wood or plastic. Submit Sources and Citations Uploaded 5 piano staff paper template months ago Loading. Again, question How do I make a basketball hoop.

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Mini paper basketball hoop great for a constant distraction from homework and.All you need is a 2 pieces of regular printer paper to make the hoop and the.

How to make paper basketball game

6 Fold all four of the midside crease points together template at once. You can tape along the front perimeter of the backboard and extend the tape onto the wall to secure. Colleges, or even out of twisted tape. We used cardstock scrapbook paper, it will only come together correctly top if all four of the creases meet at a single central point.

Recommendations, halloween Contest 2018, metalworking Contest, fix It!6, tape the hoop to the backboard.Make 2 diagonal folds as indicated below.

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Free Basketball Backboard And Hoop Template - Large Shapes

For comparative purposes, an NBA backboard is 6 feet wide, while the basket opening is 18 inches (1.5 feet).Step 5: Creating the Hoop, now to form the hoop you have the triangle and you stick one end into the other forming a hole, push them in tight so they hold together and create a stable hoop.Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture!8 Attach the basket to a wall with tape.