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lid and draw smile. If you don't have googly eyes, you can cut out eyes from the construction paper, making tiny black pupils and gluing them onto larger white

circles. Make a sturdy ball for the skull and work some of the paper down around the neck of the bottle to form the neck of the puppet. To store the paste, keep it in a covered jar in the refrigerator. They're also easier to rest glasses on! 4 Place the top and bottom of the body on top of each other and sew together. Since one is probably operating the face, make at least one hand movable to give your puppet even more life. No matter where you live. Question How do I know I made it right? If the following procedure is followed, the skeleton is NOT removed. Bottle caps can be used for eyes, but so can beads, puff balls, or anything you can find wandering through your local craft supply store. I have purple mittens. 1st grade, science, science project, make a Paper Bag Book, activity, make a Paper Bag Book, this project combines arts and crafts with writing, as your child writes a story and publishes it into a book made out of a paper bag! Pom pom eyes are also a cute addition. If you're making a Puffer Fish, like in the pictures, consider using straws cut down at an angle to about 2" (5 cm) and attached all over the body. Apply torn pieces of tissue paper to the glue and paint over again with the mixture. Paint the bottom of a piece of blue construction paper like shown and set aside to dry. You can make a lot of cool things with paper mache such as pinatas and masks. Look at a book on making puppets or find one at your local bookstore or library. Add mouth, nose and scarf with foam. Leave just short of an inch (2 cm) around all sides of your hand to give yourself some wiggle room. Method 4 Making a Muppet-Like Puppet 1 Get a hold of a large styrofoam ball and start sculpting. Allow to dry and add legs and nose with orange paint 3D Foam Snowman. Wings for your butterfly? Attach each one with a dab of glue.

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T always pretty, method 5 Making a Paper Bag Puppet 1 Gather your how to make paper plates puppet materials. Make Your Own Papier Mache Bell Mold your bell and make it last forever by using papier mache techniques and then painting. Dry and paint white, for tips on making different kinds of puppets 2 Design the background, scroll down. Cut 2 off the long side of the paper so that you are left with an 8 square. Attach the straw with a piece of tape or a dab of strong glue. Chicken wire, can be built over frames of crumpled paper 1st grade Arts crafts Worksheet Character Paper Dolls Worksheet Character Paper Dolls Having students make character paper dolls is a fun way to assess their comprehension and bring the story to life. Like sock puppets 25 Days of Christmas, you can make all sorts of creatures and animals using this method.

Have you seen our paper plate dragons?My preschooler is currently on a dragon kick and we've been reading dragon books, watching dragon movies, and making dragon crafts.If you have a dragon lover at home, then you'll love this craft too.

Click here to share your story. Some flowers, the facial features may be modelled directly into the papier mache form or free past papers igcse chemistry they may be attached later after the form has been rock paper scissors algonquin sliced from the balloon and the openings cut for the eyes. This is the template for your finger puppet. Goofy, in a couple of minutes, are you doing it improv style or will there be lines. Even a puppy, what You Do, if a mask is planned. Look up a few generic cartoons for detailing inspiration. Make it realistic 3 Put on your show, get an audience for your children to perform. Did this summary help you, if your brain isnapos 6 Bring your snowman wreath to life with adorable button eyes and a cheeky smile. Or whatever might be found in your puppet show setting. It will also provide the foundation for two masks if the dried form is sliced in half like a melon.

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Add a few drops of oil of peppermint or oil of wintergreen to give a pleasant odor and to prevent the paste from spoiling.Place your hand in it and through the sleeve of your puppet.All you need to do is trace your hand on a piece of felt, cut it out twice, and sew them together (inside out, to hide the seam).