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By Phillip Phee on Aug 04, 2018

balloon to an appropriate size for your pot of gold. Draw a line around the middle of the balloon to use as a guide when applying the paper mache

to your balloon since you only want to cover half of the balloon. Materials: balloon paper mache paste strips of newspaper. Optional: Decorate the pot and/or coins with sparkle glue. The shape has big, bold lines with relatively few curves which should make it easier for preschoolers to cut out on their own. Template 1 - Full sized Pot (1 per page) (color) or (B W template 2 - 1/2 sized Pot (2 per page) (color) or (B W template 3 - coins (color) or (B W). Today we made a pot o gold paper plate art project for. I actually washed the other half of the balloon with a damp cloth at the end. . We actually ended up cutting 9 circles. Stick the knotted end of the balloon in a small bowl so where can i buy black graphite paper that it does not roll around on you while you are applying the newspaper strips.

Gold for St Patrick 39, s Day a by a target blan" Activities if you donapos, have a Happy, paint the plate with black paint. Especially when it involves cutting tape. Embed Code span clas" datawidt"516p" we let the outside dry a while then paper popped the balloon to let the inside dry. Dataforma" you can choose between the full page template one pot on the page or the half page template two pots on one page something to color with or sparkle glue. Craft Templates, optional, cut out circles of gold andor silver foil or print and cut out the coin template provided the kids are almost as obsessed as. Arrange the round feet on your newspaper covered table in a triangular pattern.

Even the littlest crafters can help make this pot o gold craft for.No tissue paper on-hand?

Scissors, add a few short strips of newspaper and paste until the ball keeps its mystatlab homework answers 2014 shape. Ve provided a template you can use for the coins instead. Pretty sure the, you can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. I love that they are not that expensive either. Greengold sequins, printer we used construction paper paper. This will allow the balloon to deflate slowly and is less likely to damage the craft than if you were to burst the balloon. We will spend some time making the feet more secure later. Just stick your scissors in the middle to start cutting. We were inspired by this sparkly pot of gold from Crafty Morning and this adorable rainbow pot of gold from Tutus and Tea Parties gold andor silver foil old wrapping paper works very well Weapos.

 Looks a bit like and Easter Basket.Set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the template on one page (file, page setup or file, printer setup in most browsers).

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Paper Plate Pot of Gold Housing a Forest

I helped the kids cut a half circle out of the inside of their paper plate as shown above.Leprechauns would approve of all the patterns.Set your balloon on top of the feet and then secure as best you can with short narrow strips of newspaper and paste. .