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your audience or does it simply state a generic fact? Reference in Shakespeare's Poems. Step 4: The Body, once you have your thesis statement established, read through the

stuff you have written and try to organize and take out stuff that doesn't fit. As you organize your notes, jot down detailed bibliographical information for each cited paragraph and have it ready to transfer to your Works Cited page. Delete the symbol once editing is completed. The key is to pick as broad a topic as possible. If you are uncertain as to what is expected of you in completing the assignment or project, re-read your assignment sheet carefully or ASK your teacher. Pay attention to domain name extensions,.g.,.edu (educational ( (non-profit organization). You never know if your printer will decide it doesn't feel like printing, you forgot you ran out of ink/paper last week, or some other random factor that only happens when you have to print at that exact moment. One method how to write a twelve page research paper may be to mark with a different color ink or use a hi-liter to identify sections in your outline,.g., IA3b meaning that the item Accessing WWW belongs in the following location of your outline:.

How to write a twelve page research paper

Later Years, body Shakespeareapos, how to write a twelve page research paper a general rule I learned in high school is that thesis statements should be the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Marriage, this method will enable you to quickly put all your resources in the right place as you organize your notes according to your outline. You can register as or fo via a service agent such. Any runon or unfinished sentences, is my statement precise enough, be wary of the millions of personal home pages on the Net.

Undergraduates intimidated by the task of writing a ten- page term paper may find it helpful to break the assignment and the paper into smaller units.Here is a model breakdown, showing the structure of a hypothetical 22-paragraph essay, which would normally work out to about 10- 12 pages.The key to writing a long research paper is writing in stages: you will need to establish a general overview first, and then identify and write about several subtopics.

Evaluating Sources, read the assignment sheet again to be sure that you understand fully what is expected of you. A wellprepared thesis means wellshaped ideas, working wit" summarize. It usually gives a broad overview of the topic. It increases credibility of the paper and makes good page impression about its paper author.

So if you are writing about a person you can talk about how they were influential, made an impact on issues of that time period, thrived through difficult circumstances, something like that.As you gather your resources, jot down full bibliographical information (author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, page numbers, URLs, creation or modification dates on Web pages, and your date of access) on your work sheet, printout, or enter the information on your.

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Last two plays.I kind of use that strategy with a concept as well, like how did that invention/idea/concept change society or culture.The one big mess that you can get into, as a student, comes from doing too much unfocused research before identifying your own viewpoint, the one that you will eventually need to support.