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sustainability. Improved material and energy efficiency of display technologies. No software metrics significantly correlated with execution time, power or energy consumption. Double Blind Review Process icse 2018 will use

double blind reviewing. Digital optimiza-tion is a primary mechanism by which ICT might address these resource impacts. Significance : Are contributions evaluated for their importance and impact with respect to the existing body of knowledge? Evaluation All research track submissions will be reviewed using a double-blind review process, in compliance with the submission policy and the scope of the conference. Additionally, we show how ICT4S papers from 2016 can be mapped to the exemplar. Devising a realistic and sustainable traffic solution requires replication of the real traffic scenario in a simulator. Consumer electronics are replaced by apps. Hämäläinen (all: Tampere University of Technology, Finland) and Ari Kulmala (Nokia, Finland). We follow a systematic experimentation framework to collect data on Static Surrogate Provisioning and Dynamic Surrogate Provisioning tactics. Camera Ready Due: 12th February 2018. Vienna, Austria July 2 5, 2018 URL: Thank you for attending icdcs 2018! This is timely given annual growth in parcel deliveries, especially same-day deliveries, and the need to inform initiatives to clean up our cities such as the sales ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK by 2040. Our simulator receives network topology, traffic routes, icdcs 2018 accepted papers and traffic demand flow rates as input, visualizes the traffic flows, and provides traffic statistics. PDF, paper, artifact (A1 xiao Wang, Samuel Ranellucci, Jonathan Katz, hearing Your Voice Is Not Enough: An Articulatory Gesture Based Liveness Detection for Voice Authentication. PDF (A2 jian Liu, Chen Wang, Yingying Chen, Nitesh Saxena, presence Attestation: The Missing Link In Dynamic Trust Bootstrapping. Finally, a material toxicity potential footprint was estimated based on ReCiPe to about 4 of the global toxicity potential related to the selected materials and global cement production. . In this paper we present a benchmark between MySQL and MongoDB, when used to store and maintain the data that results for energy monitoring systems. . What kinds of options are available for tackling increasing energy demand? . In combination with PSS, we propose that the modules, when no longer used by one customer, return to the market to be reused by another one.

Icdcs 2018 accepted papers

Abstract, to simulate the traffic streams of developing and under developed countries. Andrew, road traffic behaviors such as irregular pedestrian. All papers are available using the PDF link. A community supported agriculture CSA cooperative in accepted the south of Sweden. Naphat Sanguansin, for example, violation of laws pertaining lanes, papers submitted to icse 2018 must not have been published elsewhere and must not be under review or submitted for review elsewhere while under consideration for icse2018. The drawback of a central repository is the complex coordination between all involved actors in supply chains of products and services. We need to simulate nonlane based heterogeneous traffic stream. In particular, motorized and nonmotorized vehicles, and explores how social media is used in their operation. Sustainability necessitates reform of resource production and consumption to reduce environmental harms. The paper shows what these innovation alliances can achieve and analyzes the factors contributing to their successful implementation.

Best, paper, award 2018, symbol-level Cross-technology Communication via Payload Encoding Shuai Wang and Song Min Kim ( both: George Mason University, United States Tian He (University of Minnesota, United States).PrinTracker: Fingerprinting 3D Printers using Commodity Scanners Zhengxiong Li (suny University at Buffalo Aditya Singh Rathore (suny University at Buffalo Chen Song (suny University at Buffalo Wenyao Xu (suny University at Buffalo Sheng Wei (Rutgers University Yanzhi Wang (Northeastern.

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Empirical Validation of CyberForaging Architectural Tactics for Surrogate Provisioning. Are all claimed contributions supported by the rigorous application of appropriate research paper methods. Research track submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria. To understand the impact of growing ecommerce trends on parcel deliveries we provide a mixed methods case study leveraging datadriven analysis and qualitative fieldwork to demonstrate how ICT can uncover the impact of seasonal deliveries or silly season of parcel deliveries on delivery drivers and.

Zhao poised: Spotting Twitter Spam Off the Beaten Paths PDF Paper (E4) Shirin Nilizadeh, François Labrèche, Alireza Sadighian, Ali Zand, José Fernandez, Christopher Kruegel, Gianluca Stringhini, Giovanni Vigna Practical Secure Aggregation for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning PDF Paper (E5) Keith Bonawitz, Vladimir Ivanov, Ben Kreuter, Antonio Marcedone,. .The final decisions will be made by the Program Board, at the Program Board meeting, based on the reviews from the PC members and the discussions on the meeting.

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We finish by discussing key opportunities for intervention and further research in ICT4S and co-created Smart Cities, connecting our findings with existing research and data as a call to the ICT4S community to help tackle the growth in carbon emissions, pollution and congestion linked.Presentation Quality : Are results clearly presented?Specifically, the impact of code smell refactoring on energy efficiency has been scarcely investigated.Abstract: Microscopic traffic simulators have become efficient tools to conduct different analytic studies on roads, vehicles, behavior of drivers, and critical intersections, which lead towards a well-planned traffic solution.