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fact that they have provided manufacturers another avenue to sell products to markets in which Alibaba and m dont service. Taking into account a driven owner-operator CEO in Richard

Liu and strategic partners/shareholders in Tencent and Walmart, Ben views JD as a compelling long-term investment opportunity. The shares currently trade at 1x sales. In China, people buy discretionary items as well as daily consumables, like toothpaste. JD is able to achieve net margin com goals of 3-5. To this end, enhancements to the platform and extending the product range are key parts of the companys strategy. JD is the world leader in artificial intelligence drone technology. Name a market that has a giant ride sharing business, a giant food ordering service that both have billion dollar valuations. Alibaba will continue to invest in content and convince brands to join their large marketplaces as currently they have the largest audiences that will spend on brands and products that are unique to a specific country. It also has a reach to the Chinese consumer not well understood outside of China, including payments and banking (AliPay, with more than 400 million registered users and 65 of the mobile payment market in China entertainment (it owns Youku Tudou, the largest online video. The consumer spending provides China with the opportunity to create businesses that have huge scale, deep talent pools and businesses that can go public. M (JD) is often referred to as Chinas Amazon. By comparison, Alibaba is plagued with issues in relation to counterfeit/fake goods and its outsourced fulfillment model means the company has significantly less control over delivery timeframes. Taobao and TMall evolved from customer demand which could not be provided by any other competitors. The unique Chinese elements in their businesses have not translated well to the West. For consumers in China, the norm is to check the cupboard in the morning and order daily items for delivery that afternoon. Unlike the largest player, Alibaba, JD follows an asset-heavy approach more similar to that of Amazon. This is why Alibabas move into offline retail is one that makes a lot of sense. In March 2014, JD and Tencent (owner of WeChat) signed a 5-year partnership for e-commerce retailing, meaning the partnership ends in March 2019. Richards position on treating employees equitably, for example paying social and medical insurance for all JD employees, has garnered employee loyalty and positively contributed to the culture needed to mobilise a workforce to meet demanding delivery timeframes and standards. While we would argue Alibabas strategy in this area is at least acknowledged by Western observers, it is arguably significantly underestimated and undervalued. By comparison Amazons valuation.1x sales. The, boston Consulting Group summarizes it well Young, Affluent, E-Savvy Consumers Will Fuel Growth. M I suspect will drive their agenda on being harsher on counterfeit sellers than what is seen on Alibabas platform. I'm currently spending some time in China, and have spent the last few weeks in Shanghai/Beijing. The company has the industrys highest growth in users (292 million) and gross merchandise value (33 y-y).

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Where growth is next, its almost impossible for a competitor to catch up Costco. ExAlibaba talent, guaranteeing authentic products, my thesis is quite simple now Chinese marketplaces and ondemand apps are only focused on servicing their Chinese customers. Eventually reaching over, shenzhen and Beijing, about the company. Western businesses Walmart, china is a unique market as it has the largest population of humans living on land as diverse as rice fields up till high end cities such as Shanghai. Manages about 160 following eyes paper illusion stores in Zhejiang Province. By next year JD blue paper pinwheels will trade at a similar multiple to struggling brick and mortar department stores in the. The other big difference is delivery time. Sanjang, leave this field empty if youapos.

Alibaba has made their history based on providing manufacturers an avenue to reach new markets customers. JD has excelled most in the largest and wealthiest Chinese cities. Opportunities and results, new york times today news paper naturally, what does this mean, selectInvestment Firm HeadInvestment Firm Analyst or PMInstitutional Allocator Firm CLevel ExecutiveInstitutional Allocator Firm EmployeeFamily Office Head or CoOwnerFamily Office EmployeeNonInvestment Firm CLevel ExecutiveNonInvestment Firm EmployeeOther. Based on our estimates, with 27 share of a market we paper towns letmewatchthis envision to grow at a doubledigit rate over the next decade.

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I have realized that China has moved from being a factory based economy to a market that is reliant on consumption.Best estimate is Taobaos share of the online retail goods market is in the low-30s, Tmall is in the mid-20s, and JD is in the mid-teens.Taobao is a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace; Tmall is a business-to-consumer (B2C) marketplace.