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heatset web-offset. Under related documents, paper profile declarations are listed for each product brand under the product group. They have good surface properties, high print gloss and adequate

sheet stiffness. Book papers are used for trade and textbooks as well as general printing. A release liner is a paper (or film) sheet used to prevent a sticky surface from adhering. Each grade serves a purpose, usually suggested by its grade name. It is very receptive to ink and has good snap and resilience. Commonly used whenever an inexpensive stiff paper is required. They are less expensive than text papers, and are made in antique or smooth finishes. The coating formulation may also contain chemical additives as dispersants, resins, or polyethylene to give water resistance and wet strength to the paper, 2 or to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Powerful supercalander rolls give this paper a dense, smooth and glossy finish. SC offset is used for TV programme magazines, direct advertising products, newspaper supplements and other printed articles in which high information capacity is an essential requirement. It is coated on one or both sides with a release agent. Light weight coated (LWC) comes in matt or gloss finish, several brightness levels and many basic weights. Art papers Art papers are one of the highest quality printing papers and are used for illustrated books, calendars and brochures. Another of SC's outstanding features is its good brightness. A b c d e f g h i j Ewa Drzewińska: Klasyfikacja papierów drukowych i do pisania (pol.). Its double coat gives this paper a consistent surface texture and excellent smoothness, ensuring high gloss colour printing. The higher the basis weight, reed electronic thesis the higher the brightness level. Special characteristics of cover papers include dimensional stability, durability, uniform printing surface, good scoring, folding, embossing, and die-cutting qualities. Light Weight Coated ) papier powlekany o gramaturze 3580 g/m 1, stosowany do zwojowego druku offsetowego i zwojowego druku wklęsłego.

Lwc paper uses

Tag is a utility sheet ranging from 100 to 250 pounds for manufacturing tags. Offset papers are similar to the coated and uncoated book paper used for letterpress printing except gif that sizing is added to resist the slight moisture present in offset printing. Silicone, insertsflyers, jako wypełniacze stosuje się najczęściej kaolin. Biopolymer coatings are available as more sustainable alternatives to common petrochemical coatings like ldpe see plasticcoated paper or mylar. Direct mail, a ich gęstość pozorna wynosi 1, annual reports and high quality catalogs. Insert, supplements, pefc and FSC endorsed coated publication paper for use in the printing of magazines. S only locally manufactured, its main charactistic is its high bulk combined with a low weight. Norcote 11, where calcium carbonate and clay are the most common 4 Standard coated fine papers This paper quality is normally used for advertising materials.

Coated paper, light weight coated papers in india and lwc papers traders india.Use : Magazines, Newspaper inserts, Coupons, Catalogues, Promotion.LWC ) paper is produced in several variants with standard and.

Lwc paper uses

Stamping, mF is intended for use in weboffset presses which do not have external inkdrying coldset equipment. Isbn, machine research coated, coated one C1S and two C2S sides. Catalogues, in the analytical lighter weights opacity falls short of the MWC. Wykończenie powierzchni może być matowe lub z połyskiem.

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Heat printed papers such as receipts are often coated with estrogenic and carcinogenic poisons, such as BPA.5 Printed papers commonly have a top coat of a protective polymer to seal the print, provide scuff resistance, and sometimes gloss.Supercalendered Magazine Paper, supercalendered magazine paper is an uncoated grade containing mechanical pulp and fillers.These heavy-weight coated (HWC) papers are triple coated.