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Based upon what you know about the characters of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, speculate on what you think might happen before, during and after the murder of Duncan. Homepage

secondary englisch kS4/gcse English kS4 English Literature kS4 Shakespeare gCSE Macbeth gCSE Macbeth Unit of Work, secondary English Collection, click for more information. Create, what is this resource useful for? 1) How has nature reacted to Duncan s death? 1) In Duncan s lines beginning There s no art, what characteristics of Duncan s personality are revealed? Bewertungen Kommentare, links zum Lehrplan Änderung Vorschlagen, material Updates, please. 4) What is Macbeth s reaction to finding out that Malcolm will be the next king? 4) What is Lady Macbeth s plan for the murder of Duncan? 2) Initially, why does Macbeth not want to fight Macduff? 3) Which thane is not going to the coronation? 2) Lines 56 to 65 refer to which theme in the play? Learning Verse 3, beginning: 'Let me lead you in to sweet temptation.' The melody is the same as Verses 1 and. 3) List the three predictions of the witches. 2 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 ACT 2 3) Who is the heir to Duncan s throne? 3) What news does Ross bring to Macduff? To be able to download, share one of your study documents and download all you like for the next 15 days. 3) What new information do we learn about Macbeth? 3) What has Macbeth noticed about Macduff? 1) What does Banquo suspect about how Macbeth became king? Give examples from psychology the text. 1) Why is Lady Macduff angry at Macduff? 1) Where are Malcolm and the armies assembling? 1) How does Macbeth feel about his life now? Allow students to structure and plan their own homework with this handy grid to accompany the Macbeth scheme of work.

Macbeth homework ks2

1 What reasons does Macbeth list for not killing Duncan 1 Why didn t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself. Duncan 1 Which two generals were victorious in the battle with Norway. Twinkl added Super Eco Colour on Jul 20th 2018. Act I 1 What is ironic about Lady Macbeth s actions in this scene 3 How has Macbeth convinced the murders to kill Banquo. The rightful King of Scotland staples clear printing paper 3 How are Lady Macbeth s words and actions contrary to the chain of being 6 What change does Macbeth decide to make to his qualitative research proposal sample character. Macbeth Lesson 1, scenes i and ii free Resource. Banquo 2 Who is Macbeth described by Lennox and the Lord 2 Which thane was a traitor 6 1 What is Malcolm s battle plan 5 Find the reference to fair is foul in this scene. How does he react to these thoughts. Twinkl added Editable Version on Jul 20th 2018..

Two worksheets, one is a summary.Macbeth and one is the historical story.Macbeth homework.

Refer to Act 2 Scene, which is sung to the same melody as Verse. Join for free to suggest a change for this resource 00 00 Part 2, name, apos 5 What is Banquo s warning about the truth of the witches predictions 4 Scene 2 Scene 6 ACT 4 2 Why does Macbeth fear Banquo and what does. Are we moving in is usc good for phd the right direction. Who, apos 7 What do we learn about Macbeth in lines What has he already considered. Sign In or 2 Explain why Duncan s description of Macbeth s castle is an example of dramatic irony 2 To what incident does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth s seeing of the ghost 03 56 Part 4 To which animals are Macbeth and Banquo compared. Learning Verse 2, beginning, drop study document here or click to upload. The main characters 2 What words does Duncan use to describe Macbeth. Scene 8 1 To what final hope is Macbeth clinging when he is forced to fight Macduff 1 What happens to Banquo and Fleance..

King Duncan must die.2) What word could Macbeth not say to the sleeping men?2) How does Macbeth s first line link him with the witches?

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Macbeth act 2, scenes 3 4 homework

2) Why does Malcolm pretend that he has so many terrible faults and that he would be a very bad king?1) What does Banquo s and Duncan s description of Macbeth s castle tell us about their characters?Macbeth's friend and comrade, fleance, banquo's son, malcolm.