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qualifying examinations must be passed before the formation of a doctoral committee. . Chicago's many world-famous museums also serve as an important resource for students. Other examples include failure

of examinations, lack of timely progress toward the degree and poor performance in core courses. Degree) to: (1) the written qualifying examinations six academic quarters. Field Experience Not Required. Comprehensive Examination Plan The comprehensive examination requirement is fulfilled either by mit phd deadline submitting a single paper (50-100 pages) that combines work in two or more fields of study, or by submitting one paper (maximum of 30 pages) in each of three fields. Normally, during your first and final years of study you will receive a fellowship, with no teaching responsibilities. The community also includes research institutions which bring scholars from inside and outside the University of Chicago together for lectures, research projects, and publications. Students may satisfy this requirement by one of the following methods: (1) a departmentally-administered examination with a minimum grade of B; or (2) two years of language instruction at a UC campus, with a grade of B or better. Degree are required to add a third Near Eastern language to the two that are required for the.A. If your native language is not English, you must submit a toefl score. The doctoral committee conducts four separate written examinations, one in each of the students three fields and one in a methodology appropriate to the students dissertation. Areas of Study, major fields of specialization are ancient Near Eastern civilizations, Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Iranian, Semitics, and Turkic. Further details about the choice of languages and examination requirements may be found in the departmental. For any questions or concerns regarding your application, contact Christianne Capalongo, NES Graduate Field Assistant. Three required courses: Middle East Studies nicki minaj paper mag vidro 201, Islamic Studies 201, and ARA 220 (Themes in Islamic History 600-1250 or HIS 200J (offered either as Islamic Historiography or Historiography of the Modern Middle East). Zev Eleff PhD15 co-authored the recent published article, "The Immigration Clause that Transformed Orthodox Judaism in the United States in American Jewish History, with Professor Jonathan Sarna. This program will prepare you for teaching positions and/or archaeological research in institutions of higher education around the world. What follows in this section is how students are required to fulfill all of these requirements for this doctoral program. This dealdine is firm, no late applications or additional materials are accepted. In general, students choosing either the language, literature, or archaeology option are required to study two Near Eastern languages, one of which is considered the major language. Students are guaranteed five years of full funding from Cornell, which will cover tuition, living stipend and health insurance.

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Mondayapos, doctoral candidates are admitted to one of three programs. The department also offers an archaeology emphasis. Graduate green graph paper background Field Faculty, islamic studies, ucla is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and by numerous special agencies. If the archaeology emphasis in the ancient Near Eastern civilizations specialization is chosen.

PU Middle Eastern Studies.Princeton Series on the Middle East.The Department of Near Eastern Studies has been a leader in the study of the Middle East since 1927 when it was founded as the Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures.

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As needed, students choose a primary faculty adviser. All students meet with their faculty supervisors and provide them with a written summary of their progress toward the gypsum degree and their goals for the gold coming year. TimetoDegree Seven academic quarters is the expected timetodegree for fulltime students with no deficiencies upon admission. If students intend to continue toward the. Upon entering the program, independent research and constitutes a distinct contribution to knowledge in the principal field of study. The Center for Middle Eastern Studies is a Title VI National Resource Center which supports research and teaching and administers an MA program in Middle Eastern Studies. With the student affairs officer, a recommendation for termination is forwarded to the departmental chair for review and decision. The Regenstein Library is home to one of the leading Middle East collections in North America. Students are assigned a guidance committee composed of an adviser and at least two other faculty members whose interests touch on their area of specialization. A minimum of nine upper division and graduate courses is required.

Students must write a dissertation prospectus that contains (1) a full statement of the dissertation topic, including any fieldwork that may be required; (2) a historiographical discussion of the literature related to the topic; (3) a statement of the methods to be employed; and (4).The department includes archaeologists, historians, linguists, philologists and scholars of law, literature and of religion.Students are advised to determine their field of concentration in their first year, and to consult their advisors about linguistic requirements.

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This includes four summer living stipends. .Degree, including a minimum of three graduate seminars.Three courses that present specific methodological approaches to the study of Islam, such as Anthropology of Islam, Sociology of Islam, or Islamic Art.

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