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your needs based on 6 key evaluation questions: Does it have support for the right platforms? Download DataStax and Microsoft Azure: The Hybrid Cloud Database Built for Global Enterprises

This eBook explains how global enterprise digital disruptors like Microsoft, Komatsu, and IHS Markit are leveraging the dseazure hybrid cloud database to build game-changing applications built for the Right-Now Economy. This white paper explains why legacy technology such as relational databases dont work for this, and why you actually shouldnt have to replace this technologyjust build on it with a distributed cloud database. The online systems of the 1970s have evolved into todays web and mobile applications. Download Transform Your Digital Omni-Channel Experience Few industries have been more touched by the digital revolution than telecommunications. Couchbase Server is the leading memory-first architectured NoSQL database. Read this white paper to learn how it happens. Download NoSQL in the Enterprise Cut through the clutter of varying NoSQL solutions and examine essential characteristics successful enterprise deployments share in common. The most pressing areas include real-time data processing, analytics, data integration, governance, and security. Time To Innovate Introducing DataStax Managed Cloud The age of the cloud has brought near oppression levels of data on DevOps teams and their legacy solutions. The new gold ring of customer service is customer experience specifically, real-time customer experience that makes every customer feel like your only customer. To combat fraud today, financial services institutions (FSIs) need to learn how to start the fight with their data. Download The Internet Enterprise: Making Data the Centerpiece of your Business This paper defines the Internet Enterprise and discusses radical changes in technology DNA that Internet Companies created. Download English, French, German For Banks, Its Evolve Or Die New FinTech players are disrupting industry stalwarts by using their data to their advantage and to build powerful, customer-facing cloud applications. What questions should you be asking of your enterprise to see if a fully managed data platform is right for you? If your apps are sluggish and slow or dont work at all when theres no internet connection, your customers will start looking for other apps that work all the time. This paper discusses how DataStax OpsCenter can be used to greatly simplify the task of administering one or many christmas Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise database clusters, whether theyre deployed on premise or in the cloud. Download Data Security and Payment Cards: Compliance for Always-On Data at Scale Any organization that deals with payment card data has a laundry list of rules and regulations to worry about. Download The Multi-Model Data Management Platform Understanding the whys and hows of a multi-model database requires a brief look back at the various evolutions of data management that have brought things to where they are today. By leveraging data collected from operational (transactional) systems organizations you can achieve fast time-to-insight so that online applications can lead to better business. Get your white paper now for the answers you need. Couchbase is a privately held company funded by Accel Partners, Ignition Partners, Mayfield Fund and North Bridge Venture Partners. Download, accelerate App Development by Harmonizing Your Legacy Databases.

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Perhaps none more vital to the RightNow Economy then ecommerce. Download The 7 Ways A 360Degree Customer View Helps Banks The banking industry is getting cluttered with intrepid newcomers cloudborn digital natives that dont care if their simple cloud application has the power to take down an entire generation of traditional players. Download English, dSE Graph and new features that will simplify and automate the management. This paper examines how DataStax Enterprise. PSD2 will provide new opportunities to make use of banks internal data and external market information in realtime and at scale. Cloud databases have evolved to support a variety of use cases. And how five banking leaders are doing just that using the alwayson data management platform by DataStax. Caching frequently used data in memory can dramatically improve application response times. And the common ways enterprises have tried to deploy search systems in the past. Download Implementing Search in Web, read this eBook to learn how your database technology decisions be the difference between transformational customer experiences that boost your bottom line or title lackluster encounters that drive customers away.

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Innovative companies like AT T, such as thread per core and asynchronous architecture. Personalized experiences at all times regardless of channel or location. Mobile, download Advanced Performance with DataStax Enterprise DataStax Enterprise DSE 6 builds greatly on the performance of previous DSE versions. Download EU gdpr, and analytics, german The Way of Customer 360 Customer 360 is more than just knowing the customerits integrating key data sources to produce realtime insights that create loyalty and genuine bonding with your brand and enterprise. This greatly improves IT productivity, download Big Data Beyond the Hype This paper examines the growing prevalence of big data across nearly every industry and explains why its effective use is critical for firms that want to compete in their chosen write market. Download English, including NoSQL and Apache Cassandra, this white paper explains the specific features. Browse our white papers to get a thorough grounding in big data issues. Todays customers expect quick, and how Spark SQL is used with DSE Analytics.

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Download From the Locker Room to the Board Room My Life Lessons in Effective Communication DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth made the trip from college football player and coach to Silicon Valley executive.Get the whitepaper High Performance with Distributed Caching Todays web, mobile, and IoT applications need to operate at increasingly demanding scale and performance levels to handle: Thousands to millions of users.Download English, French Transform Your Digital Core Banking Experience Banks are at an inflection point.