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complete form GSO.6 to ensure that your record is updated accordingly. Please note that your thesis should not be submitted until your application for confirmation of status has been

approved (this applies to DPhil students only). The theses should be submitted no later than the last day of the vacation immediately following the term in which application for the appointment of examiners has been made. Friday, Week 0 of Semester course 1 for submission in Week 8 of Semester. About your thesis, the best way to find out what is required for a successful thesis in your subject area is to look at some written in recent years. For the MSc by Research the standard required is that the candidate should have made a worthwhile contribution to knowledge or understanding of the relevant field of learning after a minimum of one year or two years of full-time paper study. (v) The candidate must ensure all matters of copyright are addressed before a papers inclusion. Further information and guidance about printing and soft binding your dissertation can be found on the website of the. The standard required for success in the DPhil examination is defined as follows: that the student present a significant and substantial piece of research, of a kind which might reasonably be expected of a capable and diligent student after three or at most four years. If you are granted permission to submit additional materials, these will also need to be uploaded to the University repository when you submit your final thesis, post examination. For MSc by Research students you should ensure that your transfer of status has been completed. The Student Registry updates your CamSIS record and then sends your thesis to the appropriate Degree Committee, who arrange the oral examination When you (viva voce). Special considerations Your supervisor is permitted to indicate to the Director of Graduate Studies if there are any special factors which should be taken into account in the conduct of your examination. If you are funded on a research council studentship, you will have a recommended end-date before which your thesis must be submitted. Such informal consultation is usually desirable, and is intended to determine whether the people concerned are willing in principle to act, and if so, whether they could carry out the examination within a reasonable period of time. If they intend, however, to submit the examiners' copies at a later date, they will be required to state, at the time of their application for appointment of examiners, the date by which they will submit. Please note that you must not submit copies of your thesis directly to your examiners as this could result in your examinations being declared void and you could be referred to the University Proctors). Supervisors are required to complete Section 4 of the form to indicate names of the proposed examiners, and they should provide alternatives in case the preferred examiners decline to act. (iii) Any submitted/published papers should relate directly to the candidates approved field of study, and should have been written whilst holding the status of PRS or a student for the MSc (by Research or DPhil. The extent to which the text has or has not been properly prepared may influence their recommendation concerning the award of the degree. Permission to exceed the page and word limits. They will deal with errors of fact and typographical errors that affect the meaning, as well as larger, structural issues. It is usual for one of the examiners to be a senior member of Oxford University (the internal examiner) and the other to be from another research organisation (the external examiner). Examiners and Submission Dates, you are strongly advised to apply for the appointment of examiners at least four to six weeks before you submit your thesis. It is difficult to give general advice about the allocation of time on theoryoriented projects, because the nature of these is so variable. The Director of Graduate Studies will then forward (via the Graduate Office any appropriate information that they think should be provided to the examiners. If you fail to submit by this date your application will be cancelled and you will have to reapply for appointment of examiners when you are ready to submit. You are advised to carefully check your thesis for typing errors, spelling mistakes and poor grammar or written expression. Tips on planning your thesis, at an early stage you should: Prepare a detailed work plan for your research in consultation with your supervisor. For inter-disciplinary projects/dissertations, one of the subjects will be given administrative responsibility for assessment etc. Candidates may submit the examiners' copies of their thesis, prepared as described above, at the same time as they apply for the appointment of their examiners. Your thesis may be rejected by the examiners if it has not been adequately proof-read. Where do I submit my thesis? Please bear in mind that the examination date requested must not be earlier than one calendar month after the date on which the thesis has been received by the Research Degrees Team or after the date on which the examiners have formally agreed to act. One declaration form, return completed forms to the Student Registry. Except in special cases where the student is not in the University in the penultimate year (on time out or in placement the M199T should be submitted no later than (. For more information on the word limits for the respective Degree Committee. If you need to have your examination sooner than this, you may apply for an early viva, by completing section 8a 'Application for a time specific examination' on the GSO.3 form, this section must be endorsed by your supervisor and DGS in addition to their. Including additional materials, you must seek permission through the, camSIS Self Service page if you wish to submit additional materials alongside your thesis. .

GSO3 form click on the apos. Do contact oxford thesis submission them, statistics oxford thesis submission and Zoology can now apply to submit their thesis in an alternative format. With effect from Hilary Term 2018 students applying for confirmation of status in the following departments. A thesis will not be sent out until the University has a written acceptance to examine.

Rather than a minor author 3 Examiners, on at least some of the papers in order to consider this format. The student will then complete an M199T form on Moodle. Agreed by all authors, under no good circumstances will a viva be permitted to take place within 14 days of receipt of the thesis homework by the examiners. The actual date of the examination will depend primarily on the availability of both examiners. Or if any part of your work must be regarded. To revert to being examined by a conventional thesis rather than an integrated thesis. Because there may be doubt as to whether you can complete the new project within the original timescale. Under section, any questions with regard to your thesis at this stage should be directed to the Degree Committee. This dissertation is submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy. Detailing the plan of action they have discussed with their supervisor in addition to specifying the projectdissertation title.

In accepting an invitation to examine the examiners are deemed to have accepted the University's procedures and conditions regarding the examination, in particular those relating to copyright and confidentiality.The length and scope of theses, including word limits for each subject area in the Division are set out in Departmental guidelines.Any papers utilised must concern a common subject, constitute a continuous theme and conform to the following guidelines: (i) If a candidate for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy wishes to be examined through an integrated thesis, they should apply for permission to be examined.

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Theses that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.How do I submit my thesis?There is no minimum, or maximum, number of papers a candidate is expected/allowed to include as part of such a thesis and it will remain a matter for the examiners to conclude whether the contributions are equivalent to that which would be expected.Regardless of the format, the content of the thesis should reflect the amount, originality and level of work expected for a conventional thesis.