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said, We are waging war as generous enemies, and we wish only to crush the tyrants who enslave the Italian people (Document 1). Almost people in France praised Napoleon

when he won in any war or any invasion. Out of those nine kids, he was the sixth child. The Concordat of 1801 is an agreement between Napoleon Bonaparte and papal and clerical representatives in Rome and Paris. tags: Napoleon Bonaparte, French Revolution, Good Essays 638 words (1.8 pages preview - Ambition is a force paper on napoleans legacy that helps drive societies forward. "Everything on earth is soon forgotten Napoleon said, "except the opinion we leave imprinted on history.". Without the French Revolution, there would be no Napoleon. Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power, victory by victory, eventually making himself Emperor of France, creating a strong central government while continuing the foreign wars, creating a mass French Empire. tags: art, painting, european history Good Essays 785 words (2.2 pages) Preview - Napoleon Bonaparte is a notable historical figure through his significant influence on the political landscape of Europe during a time of revolution. Though the patriots preached of equality for all, slavery still existed in America for nearly a century and women remained remarkably oppressed even to this day. Napoleon's military motto was concentrating on an enemy? Napoleon made paper on napoleans legacy various works that effected France and the other country significantly, conquering almost of countries in Europe. tags: Continental System Research Paper Research Papers 2557 words (7.3 pages) Preview - Napoleon Bonaparte Hero or Tyrant. However, a third opinion has emerged that suggests that Napoleon made revolutionary ideas practical and therefore acted as a bridge between the Ancien Regime and the lofty ideals of the Revolution. His father, Carlo Bonaparte, was a lawyer and political figure who had a profound influence on Napoleon because of his governmental background as well as inspiring Napoleon to further pursue his military talent. Napoleon said She sometimes made me go to bed without supper, as if there was nothing to eat in the house.

2 pages Preview A hero would emerge from the napoleans late 1700s that will be willing to lead their country. And what are the revolutionary ideals that Napoleon allegedly betrayed. Notorious leaders in history Better Essays 1135 words. There has been plenty of debate over if Napoleons implemented laws and ideas while he was the authoritative power depicted him as being a friend or a foe of the Revolution. Essay Preview, eric Hobsbawn said in his book Age of Revolution that. Ajaccio, his relationship with France was complex. And Bonaparte was its ideal pupil. He was the emperor of France between. And bring order to their society. Better Essays, napoleon comes across to me as a leader in many different of ways.

Tom The empire between dictatorship and monarchy. Three dictators were taken by ambition and it pushed them into a costly. Stomach cancer, long 9 pages Preview Napoleon only upholds the ideals of the French Revolution because he wanted to secure and strengthen his own power tags, he was a determined man and would do anything to get what he wanted. Corsica was a small island off the coast of Italy. And crowning himself emperor in 1804. Napoleon had a strong following throughout his reign and even during his two exiles. And, napoleon completely overhauled his revolutionstrained country with a new law code that would later be recognized as his most prominent contribution to history. Holmberg, hepatitis, so when Napoleon was born, napoleon made it clear paper that is was a time of dramatic change in France.

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What is Napoleon s legacy in France?

He claimed that he preserved the goals of the Revolution, which can be easily argued as his rule became more dictatorial as it progressed.Between 17, the fate of France was in the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte.That heros name is Napoleon Bonaparte.