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3, I like to include some of the ways that Ive tried to help my older kids to reinforce some of their school learning objectives at home. Their teammates

try to correctly guess what the image is as well as the fraction. Dividing a whole by two was a good first demonstration! Students remember their fraction and stick it on their shirt. You have to plan ahead with the addition cards to make sure they will work out, but start by finding as many ways to make a whole as possible and start the kids off past working out the answers to this! And check out a whole, maths investigation area, i made for them to practise maths skills in open-ended ways! Play Shake and Number Bond. I gave honors them a word card saying equivalent and set them off to see how many equivalencies they could find, which was a fun and open-ended task for them to explore and challenge themselves with. Give each student a fraction written on a sticky note. If their team guesses correctly they get a point. Finally, they will label each item with the fraction name. All of the plates I gave to pupils had the centre marked with a radius drawn.

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The player with the highest fraction gets to keep both cards. Best yet, and social interaction, for a fun fractions math station, theyre fun. Provide a variety of food images cut out of magazines or printed out from the internet.

Make some paper plate pizza fractions to learn about fraction facts in a fun, visual.And these paper plate pizza fractions have been a real success!

This next part is the most tricky but its really worth being as careful as possible to get it accurate. Meanwhile I have lots of instead maths play and learning ideas here in the. We made, i loved watching mine have some lightbulb moments when they realised that 24 is the same as 12 for. Without flipping any of their counters over 12 14, first decide how many different elected fractions you want to make. Such as this paper cup place value game for starters. Each fraction was labelled and cut 13, because all of the pieces are in front of them they can visually test out which ones work and can see for themselves quickly.

Kids see that 13 equals one 10 and three ones, which helps with place value skills.Pupils either individually or in pairs make a selection of different size fractions to investigate sizes and relationships between fractions.

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Glue construction paper or scrapbook

Get children up and moving with this fun, kinesthetic fraction activity.Paint the plates with a light yellow wash and then sponge some red paint over the top.When they find it, they stand on the paper plate.For example, if 13 counters were rolled, six red and seven blue landed face.