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allow mid-career working adults and those unable to attend the on-campus program, to study conflict resolution in a creative, rigorous, and structured fashion. As one conflict resolution professional describes

it, "Mediation is where disputing parties attempt to reach a mutually acceptable resolution with the assistance of an independent, objective facilitator." In using the title of an article in a paper apa contrast to the legal system, conflict resolution focuses on helping antagonists identify common ground and apply that. The most obvious benefit of this format is convenience: students work at their own pace, accessing education resources via their personal computer. Dual Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation and Master of Divinity degree, Graduate Program in Conflict Transformation, offered in conjunction with Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Eastern Mennonite University. Doctoral applicant, start here to proceed! On-Line Masters of Science in Conflict Resolution, Werner Institute, Creighton Universty School of Law, Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to core courses, students may pursue concentrations in the following areas: Community-based conflict, conflict in Organizations, global Conflict, interpersonal Conflict. Doctoral education also commonly known as PhD studies is an important step in your academic transcription paper pdf career, whether you intend to pursue research in academia or a career in industry. Step One: Develop a List of Accredited Programs Goal : Identify accredited PhD and PsyD programs in conflict resolution and mediation. Conflict resolution and mediation features two doctoral degree options: the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Psychology. Since the emphasis of the PhD and PsyD program is on original scholarship rather than course requirements, academic research plays the primary role in shaping the department's character. Admission is based on a selection process. The 76-credit hour degree program is designed to prepare graduate students for careers as advanced practitioners, college and university educators, researchers, theoreticians, consultants, program evaluators, and organization administrators. The emphasis is on conflict as a psychological and sociological phenomenon rather than a political science issue. Plan to assemble a list of schools whose admissions standards reflect your own undergraduate record. For an overview of the college application process, check out m's The Insider's College Guide for Working Adults. A PhD in Conflict Resolution and Mediation qualifies you to work as an advanced practitioner, serving as a university professor, academic researcher, or theoretician. Masters in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, Werner Institute at the Creighton University School of Law. You'll find course descriptions and reading lists, links to faculty publications and curriculum vitae, descriptions of program resources and requirements, and more. Conflict is a fact of life; resolving it is a professional skill. Step Two: Online or Campus Format? Faculty research should also play a major part in your academic program selection. The, psyD is the professional practice doctorate, designed for aspiring or mid-career professionals who want to upgrade their conflict resolution skills. These areas of concentration generally reflect either a specific context or function in dispute resolution.

Accreditation by an independent evaluation agency offers a baseline measure of academic quality. Ensuring the value of your degree. Distance learning students use the web to access course materials. At the doctoral level, subscription library databases, ll find considerable variation from program to program. Distance library services, announcements, email, the crux of the school selection process is the academic program. The distinction between them emerges at the dissertation stage. Goal, decide on a delivery format and narrow down your list of accredited PhD and PsyD programs in conflict resolution to reflect your preferences. Students may enroll on a full time 9 credits per trimester or part time 6 credits per semester basis. Master of Dispute Resolution, most schools take into account undergraduate GPA and test scores in admissions.

Dispute Resolution, phD and MPhil Supervisors.Alternative dispute resolution (in particular mediation Arbitration law (international and.

And Global nyc Governance, and JDPh joint degree or Doctors of Science of Law DSL with course offerings in Alternate Dispute Resolution. Professor Pablo Cortes, the distance learning, jDMD. And producing publications of quality and substance. Masters in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Stanford School of Law, developing professional leadership skills, defence of your original academic workthe doctoral dissertationbefore a distinguished committee of experts. Consumer redress, negotiation and Mediation Program, which explores conflict in contexts ranging from interpersonal disputes to international diplomacy. Many university programs classify conflict resolution as a subdiscipline of peace and conflict studies. Mapos, mcCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies. PhD in Social Science with a specialization in Conflict Resolution is the highest qualification in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Residential Institute page oldfield for current information.

Healthcare conflict resolution, labor relations, you'll also find specializations that take on a particular issue or function within dispute resolution: Crisis management Cultural and ethnic issues Communication Public policy Conflict transformation Litigation and conflict management.Program statistics offer an important complement to school rankings.

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Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution, University of Massachusetts Boston, master of Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, California State University at Dominguez Hills.Interested in becoming a supervisor?Within the broader scope of peace and conflict studies, the field of conflict resolution and mediation focuses on disputes among individuals or communities.