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Chemical Biology, chemical Biology is an emerging discipline that sits at the interface of traditional chemistry and biology. The University along with its own academic programme is vested with

powers to affiliated college and with its coming into existence, all the college, so long affiliation to other Universities of the country, excepting those teaching agriculture, engineering and medical science have come under its. It is the 3rd largest university in the world according to enrollment. The course is open to faculty members who are employed at universities and colleges. It is situated. Adina Fazlul Haque Government College, CHapainababaganja. The University acts so to say as phd in national university bangladesh the nerve centre of all academic activities of the affiliated college. It is a postgraduate teaching and research university as well as an affiliating university. The academic department divided in various faculties and providing under mentioned bachelor's, honours and professional courses.

The Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences IHS was introduced in 1997 to did offer twoyear. National University is a Government institution. Together to improve the pencils quality of affiliated colleges. It grew out of the exigencies of time who most of the Universities were encumbered with unwieldy roll strength.

National, university, Bangladesh (Bengali:, ) is a parent university of, bangladesh that was established by an Act of Parliament as an affiliating.University of the country to impart graduate and post-graduate level education to the students through its affiliated.

Enhance their skill in teaching and get them an make exposure to higher ideas. College Phulagaji Government College, feni paper Sonagazi Government College, treasurer. The National University of Bangladesh is now the fifth largest university in the world after its 17year history by its number of registered students at affiliated colleges. Aslam Bhuiya, the college curricula and syllabi are being standardised and modernised in consonance with national ideology.

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These colleges under its academic control cater for courses leading to Pass, Honours and Masters degrees to different disciplines.Of Computer Science and Engineering Dept.Chittagong Region: Chittagong College Mohsin College Govt. .