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love the sprinkles! It's useful to look on the internet for a picture of the shape you want to make to help you in drawing. The size of the

piñata will be slightly different depending on which you choose. Building a piñata is an easy project. Sometimes fluffing the crepe paper exposes a sliver of bare papier mâché where I missed covering it completely. Do this all the way around the whole piñata. Then pop the balloon and decorate! Tarantula piñata, on the tail of the. Cut out your shape. Grab a strip of paper, dip the end into the glue mixture, and squeeze off the excess while spreading the glue across the whole strip. To hang your pinata, poke four small holes evenly spaced around the larger hole in the top. Then wrap the balloon with string and start on the second layer, securing the string as you. #1) Snipped crepe paper is my favorite technique for decorating piñatas. I cut white construction paper to make the teeth, and black construction paper to make the eyes for the shark. Plus, it's a festive way to get your entire party to participate. (If your cardboard has a particular side you want facing out like mine did, it's important to flip the first cutout on top of the other cardboard so that the two side you want facing out are touching/facing each other.). Make sure to leave an open flap where you can put candy/toys inside your piñata. Now start applying the tissue paper. ( I didn't do this until later and ran into some problems, but then came up with a fun solution that worked really well using straws. Add two or three more layers of paper mache briefing to your balloon. Close and secure the flap. I ended up using ordinary school glue mixed with water (about 50/50.) It is cheap, easy to use, and it comes out smooth and white. Otherwise, youll have to paint over the whole piñata after it dries. Draw the outline of your shape on one of your large pieces of cardboard. We used a wiffle bat. Puncture small hopes on each side where you want the twine or whatever you're using from which to hang your piñata. Mix up your glue and water and sit down with your paper strips.

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Otherwise some of the confetti or candy paper will slip out. But regular paper cups, oh Happy Day, colorful. I used white fringed tissue paper along the bottom half of my shark. An Exacto knife worked well for cutting this out.

Allow each layer to dry completely before putting on the next layer. Fill it with fun treats word like candy. Party favors, it will take a day or two to dry inbetween layers. Confetti or even donuts, studio DIY, pull string piñatas are great as party favors stuffed with candy. I hold the stack together as I cut a series of snips. Working upward on a Tropical Fish. Horizontal strips to create a beehive and add some cute little bees. Decorate with long, but can also be loads of fun for a New Years Eve party filled with confetti. Just remember to stuff it with candy or small party favors before you play. Each one about 23 to 34 of the way through to the other side.

No need to cut the streamer until the whole box is covered.I did this on the cephalothorax of the.

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How to Decorate a Pinata With Tissue Paper eHow

Piñatas are great as a personalized birthday gift; a fun activity at a wedding shower or bachelorette party; or fun way to give gifts to all the kids at the family Christmas party!A piñata makes every occasion a little more festive!If you make shorter cuts (like halfway across) youll have shorter fringe but cover the piñata faster.

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