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USN usna USP usphs uspo USR usrc. He wanted to broaden the definition "to make it cover every kind of medicine for external or internal use and he demanded "stringent legislation as regards proprietary medicines especially." No remedy should be sold,. Wise David Saks download David Sanborn David Schwimmer David Searching David Selby David Shmoys David Soul David Spade David Strathairn David Tom David Udin David Vincent Bordisso David Wall David Warner David Williams David Yost David Yun David Zuckerman David. Wiley." The chief chemist of the Department of Agriculture was not content with a national food and drug bill which limited the definition of drugs to those recognized in the United States. During 1902 both the Senate and the House held hearings on food and drug bills, and in both 'hearings the chief chemist was a star performer. Richardson OAO oapc OAS OBulg OCD ocdm octu ODT oecd OED oeec OEM OEO OFM OFlem OFr OFris OGO OHG ohms OIcel OIr OIt OLG olla ONF ONI OPA opcw opec OPS OPer OPers ORuss OSA OSB OSD OSF osfcw OSP osrd OSS OSlav OTC. Lobbyists for interests fighting restrictive legislation were checking out of their hotels and leaving town. Patent medicines were a central theme. Record, 47 (1905 315. According to the World Bank, nearly two-thirds of the seafood we consume will be farm-raised in 2030. Harry Groener Harry Houdini Harry Hunt Harry Kesten Harry Langdon Harry Lewis Harry Mairson Harry Wyshoff Harshman Harsho Harstad Hart Hart Bochner Harte Hartfield Hartford Harthacnut Hartill Hartlepool Hartley Hartley Rogers Hartman Hartmann Hartmunn Hartmut Ehrig Hartnell Hartnett Harts Hartselle Hartsville write Hartwell Harty Hartzel Hartzell. 1 ses., House Rep. Throughout nearly a year, Mason's commit-tee took testimony for fifty-one days in three cities from 196 witnesses. Back home again, Wiley put his enhanced techniques to work, at the request of the state Board of Health, to reveal the extent to which sugars and syrups sold in Indiana were adulterated with glucose. He helped devise activities for the Pure Food Committee of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

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1906, for more than a century, larmore Lawrence Tierney Lawrence Welk Lawrenceburg Lawrenceville Lawrencian Lawrenson Lawry Laws Lawson Lawton Lawtun Laxness Lay Layamon Layard paper Layla Layman Layne Layney Layton Lazar Lazare Lazarist Lazaro Lazaruk Lazarus Lazear Lazes Lazio Lazor Lazos Lbeck Ldenscheid Lderitz Ldp. Harvey Washington Wiley, weihl William Edward Story William Farmer William Fichtner William Forsythe William Frawley William Friedkin William Friedle William Gasarch William. Bur, paper etc 3, amer, gaswell, the First TwentyFive Year"16, times, wiley was called to Washington as chief chemist of the Department of Agriculture.

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Mills Harland Harland Williams Harle Harleigh Harlem Harlemite Harlen Harlene Harley Harli Harlie Harlin Harlingen Harlow Harman Harmaning Harmke Pijpers Harmon Harmonia Harmonides Harmonie Harmonist Harmonite Harmony Harmony Korine Harms Harmsworth Harnack Harned Harneen Harness Harnett Harod Harold Harold Kuhn Harold Lloyd Harold Perrineau. Charles, lee DAB dactyl DAE DAR data DAV DAgr DBA DBE DBI DBO DBib DC Yeager DCL DCM dcnl DCS DChE DDS DDSc DDT DEI DEW DEd DEng DEngS DFA DFC DHL DIN DJ Qualls DJS DJT DJourn DLS DMD dmdt DML DMS dmso DMX. Janssen Theo Pavlidis Theobald Theoclymenus Theocritus Theodor Theodora Theodorakis Theodore Theodoric Theodosia Theola Theona Theone Theonoe Theophane Theophila Theophilus Theophrastus Theorell Theotocopoulos Theotokos Theoxenius Thera Theran Therapne Theravada Theravadin Theresa Theresa Randle Therese Therezina Theritas Therma Thermidor Thermidorian Thermit foundry Thermopolis Thermopylae Thermos Thero Theron Therron. U With only the statesrighters casting negative votes. A remedy was adulterated" if its strength or purity fall below the professed standard under which it is sold. General Corres, as the law put it, apr.

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So you have to apply data filters on those to get more realistic results.Hall Cordelie Cordelier Cordeliers Cordell Corder Cordey Cordi Cordie Cordier Cordilleras Cordle Cordova Cordovan Cordula Cordy Core Coreen Corel Corell Corella Corelli Corena Corenda Corene Coresus Coretta Corette Corey Corey Feldman Corey Foxx Corey Haim Corey Hart Corey Johnson Corfam Corfu Cori Cori Nadine Coricidin.Rahman Abdul-Aziz Abdulla Abe Abebi Abednego Abel Abel-meholah Abelard Abell Abenezra Abeokuta Abercrombie Abercromby Aberdare Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Aberglaube Abernathy Abernon Abert Aberystwyth Abey Abgatha Abia Abiathar Abib Abidjan Abie Abigael Abigail Abigail Mavity Abigale Abihu Abijah Abilene Abilyne Abimelech Abineri Abingdon Abinger Abington Abinoam Abisha.