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reference to the relevant environment. Furthermore, the Arab International Industrial Projects company was established in 2005 with the objective of improving the environmental conditions in Kuwait. Al-Mutairi and

Haque 14 used old demolished concrete in Kuwait to replace 50 and 100 of the coarse aggregate and seawater to replace 25, 50, and 100 of the tap water in a standard concrete mix having moderate target strength. In a report sponsored by Mobile-Baustoffe GmbH company, Blanco-Carrasco. A Domestic Solid Waste Management Center, which was initiated by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture in Qatar, is under construction and will be opened in March 2011. The company used.8 million tons of recycled aggregate in 20 of the needed concrete used in the City. One of the members of qgbc is the Khalid Cement Industries Company (kcic which is implementing an environment management out system that allows the company to recycle water and concrete and apply a waste management plan. When compared with the ACI standard, the obtained modul of rupture values were within the acceptable levels. The percentages of recycled aggregate replacements of natural aggregate used by weight were 0, 50, and 100, whereas the percentages of silica fume replacements of cement used by weight were 5, 10, and. Rapid urbanization, growth in the construction sector, high population increase rates, diversified cultures, and floating populations are believed to be the main reasons for such high waste production in the country. Furthermore, statistical analyses of permeability tests indicated that the concrete was not greatly affected by the use of the recycled aggregates in the mix. Based on the above, recycling solid waste materials for construction purposes becomes an increasingly important waste management option, as it can lead to environmental and economic benefits. Apart from the oil and gas sector, economy of most of the GCC countries depends to a large extent on the construction industry and infrastructure activities. Abdelfatah and Sami. The cited reason for the suspension was due to contractors lack of preparation for meeting the strict requirements in their projects. Highest concrete strength was obtained when the mixing water consisted of a blend of 25 seawater and 75 tap water. Key aspects of the construction industry in the Gulf which have considerable effect on the environment are limited useable natural aggregates for making concrete, scarcity of fresh water sources, and lack of iron ore for producing steel. Rahal 15, 16 tested the mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete with a compressive strength 2050 MPa and compared the results to those of concrete made with natural aggregate. The study showed that while there is reasonable research on recycled concrete, the practical implementation in the region greatly lacks behind, especially due to the lack of economic viability and awareness of such applications at the current time. In addition to the management of landfills allover Oman, the company has initiated several projects to develop facilities for the management of medical waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste, and a tire recycling plant. While in some countries concrete batching plants recycle the water they use for cleaning, in the Gulf it is very limited. The compressive and splitting tensile strengths of concrete made with recycled coarse aggregate depend on the mix proportions. The experimental program considered ranges of pavement loads, material gradations, compositions, and layer thicknesses. In addition, there have been some efforts to implement the results of research into practice. Another conference on concrete sustainability was recently held in Dubai, covering solutions for sustainable concrete manufacturing and construction. Published statistics in the Arab Construction World magazine 3 indicate that the total value of real estate projects currently under construction in the GCC stands over US2.39 trillion. They investigated alternative solutions to manage and control this waste in an economical, efficient, and safe way. It also includes the current state of practice and implementation in the area of recycled concrete in the region. Therefore, it makes economic and environmental sense to use recycled materials in the making of new concrete for different applications. Experimental tests employing standard cubes and cylinders to assess the compressive strength and small beams to evaluate the flexural strength were utilized. 9 reviewed the available industrial waste products that can be used in making sustainable concrete and their relevance to the Middle East, with particular attention to the GCC. Sustainability Issues in the GCC.

Sand is sourced from within the sample GCC countries. Some of the implementations are initiated by governmental agencies 18 conducted laboratory tests to examine the strength papers and durability of recycled aggregate concrete. Backfills, the results showed that concrete strength is enhanced with the replacement of normal aggregates by recycled aggregate content of up. Lack of markets importing sustainable technologies. And blinding slabs, among the cited applications by the authors is the use of crushed recycled concrete in nonstructural applications such as road base or subbase construction 000 tons of general waste produced daily in the city. Sustainable construction implementation is limited in the country due to the lack of awareness of the public in sustainable technology.

PDF To obtain good quality concrete using recycled aggregate it is necessary.Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Research.PDF The use of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in concrete as partial and.

Research papers on recycled aggregates

Such as plastic, the author outlined the role of structural design in sustainable buildings and its implication within the Gulf region. With the United Arab Emirates UAE being the leader in this track following the announcement of the green building initiative in January 2008 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid 4Research on the environmental impacts of using such recycled material in construction has been rarely addressed. Abdelfatah, both governmental and private 24, they concluded that papers it is the duty of the engineer to judge whether one or more of available waste materials recycled should be used in the production of new concrete on a particular project. Sustainability requires commitment and investment by all parties involved in the construction industry. Can be recycled once or twice. This is due to recent initiatives undertaken by the local governments to diversify from an oil and gas dependent economy.

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Review of Research on and Implementation of Recycled Concrete

Therefore, there is a good potential for using recycled concrete aggregate as a subbase layer in roadway pavement construction.During the conference, various experts addressed sustainable development initiatives, recycled materials, Carbon footprint and embodied energy, and performance-based concrete.The toughness and soundness laboratory tests on the recycled coarse aggregate showed higher percentage loss than natural aggregate, but remained within acceptable limits.One of the projects for this company is concerned with cutting the production costs of new concrete and reducing the need for land fill space.