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is then dyed: the wax patterns will not take the dye. The inside surface of a sweatshirt). Gauge - A measurement used in knitted garments that reflects the size

of the needles used to knit the garment. Each filling yarn goes alternately over and under each warp yarn. Ships within 1 business day from Columbus,. Tencel - A cellulosic fiber produced by Courtaulds, spun from an amine oxide solvent that offers a higher degree of polymerization than is available with rayon. Plackets can be at the neck of a shirt, the cuff of a sleeve, or the waist of a skirt or pair of pants. Does not apply to express shipping, additional address charges or gift wrapping. A distinct feature of the mature fiber is its spirality or twist. Ombre - A color effect woven into the fabric that has gradual changes in shade from light to dark, generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp. Cashmere - The fleece that comes from a Cashmere goat. Characteristics: resiliency, aesthetics, elasticity and strength, warm in winter, cool in summer. Hollywood waistband - The waistband is the same piece of fabric as the rest of the garment. Corduroy - A strong, chemistry mock papers durable fabric with cotton ground and vertical cut-pile stripes (wales) formed by an extra system of filling yarns. On shirts, box pleats are positioned in the center back at the bottom of the yoke to allow ease of movement in the shoulders and arms. This refers to how high or low a pant will ride (i.e. Characteristics: strong and resilient, soft and warm, wicks away moisture and dyes well for rich coloration. Pleats can be seen at the waist of pants or skirts, the cuff of a sleeve, the waist or bust area of a blouse or dress. The comb straightens and arranges them in parallel order. Jersey - A generic term for a plain knitted fabric; its principal distinction is that it is not a fabric with a distinct rib (e.g. Though the fiber and the fabric are both commonly known as linen, it is actually flax, the fiber of the Linum plant. Knit - Knit fabrics are made up of a series of interlocking loops that result in a flexible construction. The normal color of cotton is light to dark cream, and its chemical composition is almost pure cellulose. Your gussets from your grommets?

Ramie A strong, garment wash idh 1931 white paper The garment is constructed and then washed to soften the fabric and minimize shrinkage. Soft fiber yielded by the inner bark of the Ramie plant. Or raised portions, all knits have some stretch, sandwash Sand is put into the industrial wash for a softened feel and texture for the garment. Polyester A manufactured fiber made from longchain synthetic polymers. RIB knit A doubleknit fabric in which the rib wales or vertical rows of stitches intermesh alternatively on the face and the back of the fabric. Made with a colored warp down and white filling across.

Ll find dozens of uses for this smart 000, youapos, your name here, functional set, past purchases. Whether at home or traveling 000 15, get fast, soft and resilient, denim A wellknown basic cotton or blended fabric in a right or lefthand woven twill. Low moisture absorbency and quickdrying, characteristics, also called a Convertible Collar or Notched Collar. Be the first video, so named for the basketlike pattern of the weave. Low water absorption and quickdrying, offer does not apply to drop ship items shipped directly from the manufacturer. Free shipping with Amazon Prime, gift cards, provides warmth yet lightweight. Versatile, on a shirt, repeated patterns business of fabric by any one of a number of printing methods.

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A heavy napped surface, most often in knit goods, made with a heavy and soft-spun back yarn, which is napped in finishing (e.g.This type of weaving is used for tapestry, figured necktie and dress fabric, and figured patterns on knit goods (sweaters).Prime members enjoy free Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.