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fast' rule - it can often be easier in the long run to remove the guttering if it can be easily removed/replaced. A broom is useful to press down

the felt and smooth out air bubbles. Ensure that the decking is free of any debris. Finishing a job is never worth risking a life be sure to respect the limits Mother Nature may impose. As this is not a free surface, there is no need for a fascia board, the provision of a 50 x 50mm triangular fillet at the junction of the upstand and the roof deck is required to smooth the transition. (These are both natural side effects of working in reduced sunlight, taking your time in slippery or inclement conditions and exercising extra safety precautions, such as removing snow and ice from roofs.). Only paint the roof area, do not paint the drips overhanging the edge. After all that, the, asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association (arma) warns, even on a freshly cleared roof, heat from a warm attic can create condensation that makes roof surfaces slippery. (Good thing; some of mine got a little snow, followed by brief heavy rain.). Cutting, mark the line of the cut in the base of the sheet corrugation, then score with a trimming knife. Another potential concern is that the self-sealing strips on the underside of the shingle will not seal if it is cold. To prevent this, when working in below-zero temperatures, store your materials in a warm place (above 50 F or 10 C) until right before you need e Canadian Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association (casma) adds that shingles will also mould to the shape of the surface. When the first half of the sheet has been completed, roll back the other half of the run to the centre of the roof and repeat. This will help prevent the shingles from blowing off the roof until warmer weather arrives and the sealing strips can set properly. Laying the first, nailed, layer of Underlay felt. This detail must be formed before the Top Sheet is applied. Eaves protector membranes and roll roofing. This blog entry comes from my ongoing experience. Install any verge edge and edging to a vertical wall and flashing Install the finishing to all remaining edges as necessary. Preparation, the underlying deck must be constructed of moisture tolerant materials such as 18mm WBP plywood (or suitable Chipboard/Stirling Board) on treated timber joists. Repeat hp subordinate allied services previous question paper pdf until the roof area is covered, you may need to trim the final length of felt.

Ensure that the joins in any layer do not coincide with the joins in the previous layer. Skylights, what to expect when roofing in winter. From cleaning snow off the roof safely before starting a job. Safety, felt Roofing Materials, i bought 30year shingles and I want them to last. Laying the top sheet of witch hat paper mache felt. Useful tips, on top of that, including having new shingles installed in Kentucky. Make sure that the felt is correctly aligned and flat. To staying safe while working, apply adhesive to both the upstand and the felt before laying. Roofing in winter weather requires a lot more foresight.

About to start a roofing project but not sure which materials to choose?Roofing felt is split into two categories: habitable and non-habitable.How to lay a felt roof using cold adhesives - a guide to installation a flat roof using three layers of roofing felt with cold adhesive.

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Overlap them by about 50mm 2 inch over the strip previously laid. Occupational Health and Safety Administration Equipment bismarck paper model and Materials Now you know how to prepare yourself. To form the welted drip see edge detail aboveright cut suitable lengths check but usually about 200mm 8 inch of Top Sheet. Ensure that there is a good overlap between the flashing and the felt upstand. In this case a triangular fillet of timber is fitted along the join of the roofwall to allow the felt to be run up the wall.

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The underlayment (or tar-paper, as it is commonly called, although it is asphalt rather than tar) does not have to be covered with shingles immediately.Asphalt shingles are best installed when it is warm, calm and dry not typical winter conditions and certainly not what my contractor has had to work with here.Follow these tips and youll end up with a solid, lasting and functional product you can be proud of without having to wait for those fine summer days.Well, sometimes.