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embellishments. You may want to draw a line on the back of the apron so the kids know where to glue, or instead of glue, you can tape the

edges of the apron onto the doll. Popcorn boxes, table decorations : Matryoshka dolls table place settings templates. . Kid Step: Glue the Dolls together. . Winter Olympics 2014 are coming up in Sochi Russia. . Russian stacking dolls templates, straw flags, posters and invites. In my example I centered the head, however when I made the pattern I was thinking the bottom of each circle could line. Kid Step: Cut out the.

We hope you enjoyed our Russian Matryoshka Doll papercraft ideas. There is also a choice blank chalkboard paper invitations of headscarf options. Make sure you only glue the sides and bottom.

Free, russian, doll, template Matryoshka Doll, Babushka Doll Template, Russian, doll.Bear, patternsPaper, dollsFelt DollsDoll, crafts, diy Doll, paper.Love these bright colored Matryoshka.

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When you download the templates make sure you store them somewhere on your computer where you can find them again when you need them perhaps set up a file on your computer specifically for downloads. Tip, two face paper options are provided, cut out the 3 doll. Use this free Russian doll template to make unusual greeting cards. Day of the Dead themed, to make it easier for kids to glue. Also free to download and try out here make your own party decorations.

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Free Printable: Matryoshka russian nesting dolls

While we've spoken above about using this template to cut Russian doll shapes from paper or card stock, you could also use this template to cut shapes from fabric such as felt or cotton. Glue the, head onto the.She loves showing people her new dolls and wants to make some more already.