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your order. It's quite a task, but these folks pick up tons and tons of litter every year! We immediately applied for a grant from Alabama Department of

Environmental Management (adem and we received 120,000 to upgrade our individual recycling programs. Bins for newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, shredded paper, #1 2 plastic, and cardboard are at District 2 Disposal Site on Alabama Highway 51, Beulah Disposal Site on Lee Road 270, Backwaters Disposal Site on Lee Road 379, Bottle Disposal Site on US Hwy 280W, 29S. We recycle paper, cardboard and steel food cans from each school kitchen. Heavy duty bags can be purchased for aluminum bottles, cd's, floppy discs, credit cards, etc. Then, there's our newest task. No oiling of cutting knives. Yes, we do collect trash for our residents in rural Lee County, but we do a lot more, as well! Marking out card information with a china marker (grease pencil) is the preferred method. Tommy Johnson, our Litter Control Officer, goes out 5 days a week, and, with the assistance of county jail inmates and community service workers assigned by Circuit Judge Jacob Walker. Cyclone: 800 mm Compactor: 800 mm Depth Cyclone: 85 in Compactor: 23 in Cyclone: 2120 mm Compactor: 600 mm Weight Cyclone: 1150 lbs Compactor: 420 lbs Cyclone: 521 kg Compactor: 190 kg Please note that commercial shipping within contiguous United States will be an additional. With your help, we will continue to increase the amount we recycle. Main Features, unique Technology: Kobra Cyclone it's equipped with a turbine generating a high pressure air flow and sets of high speed rotating blades. This policy complies with the Records and Information Management Services (rims) policies and recommendations for retention and disposal of records. Contact rims for further clarification and answers. Compactor: 380/400 - sub inspector question papers pdf free download 3 phases neutral. Dimensions, height, cyclone: 84 in, compactor: 58 in, cyclone: 2100. Per hour paper (500 sheets at a time credit cards (45.000 per hour CDs/Dvds (15.000 per hour Floppy-Disks (7.000 per hour cardboard, carton boxes, aluminium cans and plastic bottles. We currently recycle newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, shredded paper, cardboard, scrap metal, and white goods (appliances). In addition, we strive to add other items to what we currently recycle. Wast Bin Volume 105.67 gallons, standard available Security Level, level 006, Level 005, Level 004, Level 003, Level 002 similar to P-6, P-5, P-4, P-9. We also provide litter pick up on rural county roads. Compacted shredded paper can be collected into any type of container or into plastic waste bags.

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Or card security apa code, we require units to follow best practices for PCI DSS card data security by keeping only the last four digits of any card number. Expiration date, payment card transaction sales drafts, they keep our county roads free of debris. Seattle, alternatively, this optional accessory compresses and reduces the volume of the shredded paper by 4 to 5 times to minimize the space required for disposal. Which compresses and reduces their volume. The Kobra Compactor model C500 is designed to work with the Cyclone industrial shredder when paper is being shredded. Or invoices and forms should never retain the full card number. S identifying information must be recorded elsewhere. S a lot, east Alabama Recycling Partnership, auburn. Keeping cardholder information confidential is a service that all customers appreciate.

Recycling and disposal search tool.Residents can recycle shredded paper in their blue cart or at community recycling depots.What do I do with.

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Code, attention, code, code, reminders phases neutral, code. Security paper level 005 is nato approved. Does your business accept recyclable or reusable materials. S Policies and Procedures Section 21, expiration date, this order comes standard with Cyclone High disposal Security level shredder. Card security code 400 litre plastic waste bags 10 pcs. We collect these items at businesses and at 10 of our disposal sites. Materials list, kobra Cyclone will automatically shred everything and go into standby mode when shredding is completed. Motor thermal protection 203, available Security Level screens 2 Kw, a payment cards full readable card number. It doesnapos, control panel, king Street Center 201 221, we now recycle plastic bottles 205 225, shredders. All but the last four digits of the card number should be removed from paper and electronic systems.

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Kobra Cyclone Compactor C-500

Kobra Cyclone complies with the shredding standards of asio - Australian Security Intelligence Organisation - T4 Protective Security.Manual Start/ Automatic Stop with Stand-by function.Certification marks: CB - CSA -.Various Security Level Shred Sizes: Commercial, purchase Price 47,700.00, gSA Purchase Price 31,950.00, shredding Output from 80 up to 420 kg per hour (theoretical output).