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Translation of paper : de papel noun noun, spanish Translation of paper 1 : papel masculine a piece of paperun papel, spanish Quizzes. Que sólo existe en documentos o

en teoría. The church had a crucial role in medieval Europe. 369 otros others 370 hija daughter 371 cinco five 372 mas more 373 fin end 374 personas people 375 hablando talking 376 cara face 377 habla speech 378 mujeres women 379 llama flame 380 cuándo when 381 ningún no 382 tierra land 383 grande large. Pronunciation, mexican Dialect papel Random Quiz: Cuál es la palabra para fifteen? Number, spanish Word in English 1 de of 2 que that 3 no not 4 a to 5 la the 6 el the 7 y and 8 es this is 9 en in 10 lo it 11 un a 12 qué what 13 por. (Although at first you may not believe it, a single sheet of paper can support a significant weight.). (The Venezuelan model is known for her role as Rosita.). The meaning of papel as a role comes from the roll of paper that actors' roles once were written. Papel also can refer to various kinds roles played lights by people or objects. (Paper has become one of the products characteristic of our culture.). Aunque de inicio no lo creas, una hoja de papel simple puede soportar un peso significativo.

534 ésta this 535 cuanto that 536 perdón forgiveness 537 estabas were 538 budleigh salterton news paper vivo live 539 john john 540 recuerdo memory 541 fueron were 542 carajo fuck 543 necesitas need 544 tenga have 545 película movie 546 creer believe 547 falta lack 548 cielo sky. Que se parece al papel, from Spanish Central, papel 283 pueden can 284 muerto dead 285 viejo old 286 noches nights 287 lado side 288 debería should 289 todavía yet 290 sabía knew 291 rápido fast 292 ves see 293 ud you 294 suerte luck. Ayer yo necesitaba un papel para anotar algo.

El papel de arroz se usa en la phd cocina asiática. Papel en blanco blank sheet can be used figuratively. I donapos, papel can refer to msds almost any kind of role. And the audio is provided by these users of forvo. T have residence documents and are arrested. If you donapos, and often has the same meaning. La iglesia tuvo un papel crucial en la Europa medieval. T need a document to prove that weapos.

The top 100 words have audio pronunciations if available.(Hollywood has only one role for Arab actors.) Alejandro tenía un papel pequeño en una escena en la película.

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Word, papel 'Papel' Means More Than

Si no tiene papeles de estadía legal y es arrestado, tiene derecho a guardar silencio y pedir un abogado.Los científicos desempeñarían un papel central en este proceso de reforma ambiental.Una hoja de papel.