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Environmental and Resource Economics (4) The course will cover any of a variety of topics in environmental and resource economics, including climate change, exhaustible and renewable resources, international

environmental agreements, nonmarket valuation, energy economics, and water allocation. Discussion of no-arbitrage arguments, as well as investors portfolio decisions and the basic risk-return trade-off established in market equilibrium. Economic History of the United States II (4) (Cross-listed with hius 141.) The United States as a modern industrial nation. Topics include: random variables, sampling distributions, the law of large numbers, the central limit theorem, maximum likelihood estimation, hypothesis testing. Admission Process, the Rady School admission process is very selective. Econ 178 is recommended. Prerequisites: Econ 2 or 100B; and Math 10C or 20C or 31BH. Law and Economics : Contracts and Corporations (4) This course asks how firms are organized and why the corporate form dominates, how corporations are governed and the distortions that result, when firms borrow and how they deal with financial distress and bankruptcy. Economics of managing renewable resources in the oceans, with an emphasis on fisheries, economics of conservation and biodiversity preservation for living marine resources, with an emphasis on whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and coral reefs. International Monetary Relations (4) Analyzes exchange rates and the current account. Comparison of energy use across sectors and across countries. Decision trees, payoff tables, decision criteria, expected utility theory, risk aversion, sample information. Preferences, utility maximization, demand, choice under uncertainty, intertemporal choice. Uses models of physician behavior, for-profit and nonprofit institutions statement to understand the trade-offs facing health-sector regulators and the administrators of public and private insurance arrangements. Emphasis on efficiency and control of pollution. Course may be repeated an unlimited number of times. Exploration of normative and positive models of government behavior. Workshop in Economic Theory (04/04/04) An examination of recent research in economic theory, including topics in general equilibrium, welfare economics, duality, and social choice; development of related research topics by both graduate students and faculty. Prerequisites: Econ 100C; or Math 140A or Math 142A. International Trade (4) Examines theories of international trade in goods and services and relates the insights to empirical evidence. Organizational Economics of Development (4) The study of organizational effectiveness, in both the private and public sectors, bridges the gap between microeconomic analysis of individual and household behavior and macroeconomic analysis of economic aggregates such as capital and output. Economic and Business Forecasting (4) Survey of theoretical and practical aspects of statistical and economic forecasting. Topics include theories of the exchange rate, foreign-exchange regimes, current account adjustments, and international portfolio investments. Topics include valuing biodiversity, defining successful conservation, and evaluating the cost effectiveness of policies such as conservation payments, ecotourism, and privatization.

Financial markets, the interaction of international trade with income distribution and economic growth. Chinas transition to a market economy. Topics such as economic growth, and industrial structure, may be taken concurrently with Econ 100A or after successful completion of Econ 100A with A or better or consent of instructor. And commercial policy, international Trade 4 This course covers outlook the determinants of the pattern and volume of trade in goods and services. Consent of instructor and departmental approval. Econ 272, previously numbered Econ 214A, labor markets. Honors sequence expanding on the material taught in Econ 100A.

Students will not be permitted to receive.UC San Diego administered financial support beyond the support limit.PhD in, economics with a Specialization in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research A graduate specialization in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research (pier) is available for select doctoral students in economics.

Technology adoption, housing markets and investment decisions, interest rates. Consequences of US immigration policies on the economy. Econ 171 is recommended, crosscountry comparisons of health systems, natural resources. And regulation, monetary and fiscal policy theories in the presence of real and nominal rigidities. Macroeconomics A 4 Analysis of the determination of long run growth and models of the determination of output. The course concludes with an examination of several commonly proposed tax reforms. SU grades only, asset paper market equilibrium, experimental Economics 4 Explore use of experiments to study individual and interactive strategic decisionmaking.

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Labor Economics (4) Theoretical and empirical issues in labor economics.Prerequisites: graduate standing, Econ 285.Emphasis on the logic of the growth process, the social and political tensions accompanying expansion, and twentieth-century transformations of American capitalism.Original Research Paper (112) In this course, students are guided toward the formulation of an original research idea and the writing of an original paper.