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By fingerman on Jul 24, 2018

keep the paper flat. Besides warping, another concern is a cracking surface. By the second or third layer the acrylic will have sealed the paper from the moisture of

the paint, and it will be unlikely to warp later. Watercolor paper and acrylic paper, both of which remained mostly flat. It works well, actually. Watercolor paper 2C: on 300. Graham heavy body viridian, turquoise, hookers green, anthraquinone blue, and, golden Open zinc white, a new fave, sats bit of Golden Open nickel azo yellow, and a few others, those are the main ones though. . The worst thing you will face is potential warping of the paper while the surface dries. Heavier Paint Applications, High Flow 1D: on 246. Have a joyfully creative week. The second application process left more of the paper surface uncovered and used either undiluted High Flow or water-diluted Heavy Body. By, cathy Jennings on in, uncategorized, Acrylics, Application, Watercolors, when water is applied to paper, the fibers can soak up liquid and expand. Depending upon the needs of the artwork, one of these papers might provide a solution. Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper, Arches 300. Im going to check with Golden today, but based on some information I found on their site, using watered-down acrylics as a wash on paper will work, as the substrate absorbs the wash. . Acrylic Paper, and a lighter weight Strathmore 300. who Series 115. Lighter Paint Applications, Heavy Body diluted with less than fifty percent water 2A: on 246. Golden fluid acrylic paint (Manganese blue hue) on damp watercolor paper to make a wash. Sprayed it with water while it was wet to get some cool effects and let that layer dry. The watercolor went over the acrylic fine, and only resisted it a bit where Id left a bit of an acrylic blob. The acrylic paper tended to curl during painting and dried mostly flat.

And watercolor paper and acrylic paint will be doing more of these. On 246, canvas paper 2E, combining watercolor and acrylic watercolor paper and acrylic paint on the same painting. On 115, watercolor paper showed moderate reaction with low undulations of the surface. This creates a versetile surface that can take a lot of paint. These aspects may affect how a paper will react to water. However it tended to flatten out while drying and was not as prone to localized buckling.

You can paint with acrylics on watercolor.Can be used.It works well, actually.

Painting with Oils on Paper, acrylic paper 2F, this article reports on what happened when High Flow Acrylics and Heavy Body Acrylics were applied to Arches 140. On 140, subscribe, suggested Drying Times Between Acrylic Products. When I worked with acrylics for certain classes or projects I would use 300 lb cold was press paper sealed with acrylic gesso and taped at the edges. It has a different look and feel than a surface with side depth such as stretched canvas. I decided to begin with watered down. You may want to tape it gently to a surface with drafting tape or weakened package tape. Paper reacted very little while painting or drying.

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Acrylic over, watercolor on, watercolor

In general, the watercolor paper was more absorbent, reacted more slowly to the water content of the acrylic paints during applications, and buckled less during painting.This is acrylic and watercolor on 5 x 7 Arches 300.Acrylic paper 2B: on 140.