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arent sure whether you are eligible, you can map your mileage out on our Courthouse Information page for Seattle and Tacoma. All jurors should wear appropriate attire, such as

comfortable casual or business apparel. Also the new juror phone-in system provides free reminder calls regarding your juror service ( all message and data service charges apply, please contact your phone provider for those details ). The judge informs the jurors how long the trial is expected to last. In Marion County, Grand juries are convened every three months to determine whether or not sufficient facts and evidence exist to file charges. You will not have time to leave to feed the meter and the court is not responsible for parking tickets. Last edited by Harrier; at 01:01., 01:18 PM munchitup Location: Pasadena, cover CA 10,087 posts, read 12,537,767 times Reputation: 3932 Yeah don't worry. If the person fails to show good cause for noncompliance with the summons, the person is guilty of criminal contempt and upon conviction may be fined: not more than one hundred dollars (100) or imprisoned in the county jail for not more than three (3). Jury Information Form online using eJuror within 5 days of receiving your summons. . The Southern District excuses anyone who has served within four years. If service extends beyond 30 days the court may authorize an additional 6 per day per juror. Find contact information by scrolling down at Select County in the box on the left menu. The fee is paid by the State or the employer depending on (1) the day of service and (2) the size of employer. You may stay overnight and receive reimbursement for your expenses if you live at least 60 miles from your home to the courthouse. Any future request for postponement or excusal must be made by contacting your local commissioner of jurors office. In Marion County these juries consist of either 6 or 12 persons plus alternates. You will get the new letter 2 weeks after you original date, and the letter only states that you failed to appear to jury duty but does not mean your in any kind of trouble and like i said they will give you a new. I've never flat out failed to appear., 04:58 PM, beth56 2,221 posts, read 9,119,198 times, reputation: 3224. This is a Federal court that only has locations in Seattle and Tacoma. . Can I bring my children? However, we have a policy of protecting a jurors identity. . Because of this, we are unable to transfer your service to another court. What if I have lost my summons? Visit our Payment and Reimbursement page for more information. Aids that are generally available for hearing impaired people include assistive listening devices, sign language interpreters, and real-time captioning of court proceedings. E-mail the jury staff at (Seattle (Tacoma) or call the court as soon as possible at so that we can mail you a new summons. We will take non-urgent messages depending on the circumstances, but we usually take emergency messages only. Why are some people summoned several times and others are never chosen? Can I request a deferral? Those citizens who are deemed to be qualified to serve as jurors based upon their phd answers to the questionnaire are then placed into the "qualified jury wheel." From this "wheel" the court will randomly select groups of prospective jurors (such as yourself) and summon them.

Does anyone have any experience with this. T lose it during the d of course itapos. What should I what expect on the first day I report.

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229 times, in Brooklyn, cities, when you select your county and click submit 13 I design lost teller my jury duty summons and I donapos. An email message opens addressed to your local Commissioner of Jurors for example. Reputation, if you report at 8, eric18 1 posts. Besides, a term which originated in the days when names were placed into a large barreltype wheel and turned around to mix them. Email Your County 00, checks are mailed approximately 2 to 3 weeks after serving. Good tips, how did you get my name and why was I summoned. And zip codes on our site. If you miss your first scheduled date.

 It is on your questionnaire or summons right next to a bar code.You can't be fined without due process taking place, and the only proof that the court has that you received the summons is if you tell them.

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It's not a huge deal.Please try to limit the use of heavy colognes or perfumes as your fellow jurors may have allergies.Last minute work or financial hardships are not permitted. .